Learning Kagura combos is crucial for unlocking the full potential of this mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Casting Seimei Umbrella Open empowers her to access the second forms of Rasho Umbrella Flee and Yin Yang Overturn, enabling you to perform various skill combinations for different situations in the game.

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In this ONE Esports guide, we have listed three Kagura combos for you to master, ultimately giving you the edge to secure victories in matches.

Here’s how to execute the best Kagura combos in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Max Damage: Skill 1 + Ultimate (2nd form) + Skill 1 + Skill 2 (2nd form) + Ultimate (1st form) + Skill 2 (1st form)

To excel as a Kagura main, mastering this combo should be your first priority.

This is highly effective against heroes that lack mobility skills. However, it can still work against enemies with blink or dash abilities, provided that they have already expended their mobility spells.

Begin by hitting your opponent with Seimei Umbrella Open, followed by Yin Yang Overturn (2nd form), then use your first skill once again.

Cast Rasho Umbrella Flee (2nd form) to narrow the gap against your target and trigger Yin Yang Gathering. Finish off your enemy with Yin Yang Overturn (1st form), then disengage using Rasho Umbrella Flee (1st form).

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Keep in mind, it’s essential to wait for Seimei Umbrella Open to reach your target before triggering Yin Yang Overturn. Additionally, refrain from using Rasho Umbrella Flee to approach them until after the ultimate’s pulling effect has been activated.

In situations where your opponent still possesses their blink or dash ability, aim your second cast of Seimei Umbrella Open towards their expected retreat path.

Furthermore, if you’ve purchased enough offensive items, you can streamline this combo by omitting the second usage of Seimei Umbrella Open to unleash an instant burst of damage, preventing your target from reacting.

If you’ve equipped Flameshot or Execute as your battle spell, use them to eliminate your enemy if they manage to survive your combo.

Strike Back: Skill 2 (1st form) + Skill 1 + Ultimate (2nd form) + Skill 1 + Skill 2 (2nd form) + Ultimate (1st form)

The first form of Rasho Umbrella Flee can remove debuffs (except suppression), making this combo effective against assassins or fighters that like to dive on squishy heroes.

To execute this, bide your time until the enemy approaches and use their control ability against you. Once they do, create a separation using Rasho Umbrella Flee (1st form), then hit them with Seimei Umbrella Open.

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Subsequently, cast Yin Yang Overturn (2nd form) to reset the cooldown of Seimei Umbrella Open, allowing for its second usage to inflict damage and slow down your target.

Once your target gets pulled, close the distance against them using Rasho Umbrella Flee (2nd form), then take them down with Yin Yang Overturn (1st form).

Should you possess the Flicker, use it to disengage if necessary.

Chase: Skill 1 + Ultimate (without umbrella) + Recover umbrella + Skill 1 + Skill 2 (without umbrella) + Ultimate (with umbrella) + Skill 2 (with umbrella)

This combination can be employed to eliminate a retreating opponent with less than half of their health remaining.

Initiate by throwing Seimei Umbrella Open behind you. Then, activate Yin Yang Overturn (2nd form) as you run toward your target.

It’s important to note that the umbrella will return to you when you’re too far from it. Moreover, you can use Flicker to swiftly retrieve the umbrella back while cutting the gap against your enemy.

Upon regaining the umbrella, hit the enemy with Seimei Umbrella Open. Ensure that the pulling effect of Yin Yang Overturn (2nd form) comes into play by the time the umbrella reaches your target.

Next, use Rasho Umbrella Flee (2nd form) to close in on your opponent. Cast Yin Yang Overturn (1st form) for the finishing blow.

Given that the execution of this combo demands more precise timing compared to others, it’s advisable to practice it thoroughly before doing it in actual matches.

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