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Estes, the Moon Elf King, is a support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang known for his superb healing capabilities.

He can simultaneously provide sustained healing to multiple allies, giving his team an advantage in team fights.

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Moreover, he can inflict slowing effects onto multiple enemies, and reveal their position.

For those aspiring to be an expert in playing Estes, this extensive ONE Esports guide will help you achieve just that.

Estes’ skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Scripture of the Moon Elf

Scripture of the Moon Elf slowly charges Estes with energy. When the energy reaches 100 stacks, his next basic attack will become enhanced, dealing magic damage to the target and nearby enemies, and slowing them.

  • Use Scripture of the Moon Elf to poke enemies in the lane, enabling your ally to freely farm minions.
  • The recharge time of this passive becomes faster when you are linked to a teammate using Moonlight Immersion.

First skill – Moonlight Immersion

Estes restores HP to the target hero and links himself to them for a few seconds, slowly restoring additional HP.

Linking with an ally will also increase his physical attack and magic power (scales with the number of linked heroes and their attributes), his movement speed, and charging rate of Scripture of the Moon Elf.

Being too far from the target will break the link.

  • Use Moonlight Immersion to keep your allies healthy, so they can stay in the lane and keep on farming.
  • Turn on Skill Smart Targeting feature in the control settings. This will help you aim this skill directly at the specific teammate you intend to heal.
  • Get familiar with the maximum distance of the link, so you will know how to position yourself properly.
  • You can also cast Moonlight Immersion to heal yourself.

Second skill – Domain of Moon Goddess

Estes drops a flood of moonlight on the target area, dealing magic damage to enemy units within it. Afterwards, it turns into a domain of the Moon Goddess and reveals enemies inside it. Enemies will be greatly slowed if they touch the edge of the domain area. The slow effect decays over time.

  • Use Domain of Moon Goddess along with Scripture of the Moon Elf to poke enemies.
  • Prevent opponents from retreating or closing in on you using this skill.
  • Cast this on nearby bushes to scout for enemies attempting to gank you.
  • If you want to instantly inflict a slow effect on your target, take advantage of the skill indicator to hit them with the edge of the domain.

Ultimate – Blessing of Moon Goddess

Estes casts enhanced Moonlight Immersion on all nearby allied heroes. Within the next several seconds, Moonlight Immersion will be enhanced, and Estes will continuously recover HP.

  • Casting Blessing of Moon Goddess cancels the active Moonlight Immersion, which gets replaced by its enhanced version. Upon activating this ultimate, use the enhanced Moonlight Immersion right away.
  • The enhanced Moonlight Immersion has a lower cooldown, and does not cost mana.
  • With enough cooldown reduction, you can trigger the enhanced Moonlight Immersion at least two times within the ultimate’s duration.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Estes in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Recommended battle spell for Estes in Mobile Legends-Purify and Flicker
Credit: ONE Esports

Playing as Estes, you are likely to be the priority target of enemies, making Purify as your battle spell crucial.

It instantly removes stun and other debuffs, allowing you to cast Blessing of Moon Goddess at the right moment.

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Alternatively, if the other team doesn’t have reliable crowd control skills, opt for Flicker. It gives you a mobility spell that Estes lacks, which will help you get out of sticky situations.

Additionally, you can use this battle spell to quickly position yourself near allies in need.

Recommended emblem

Recommended emblem set for Estes in Mobile Legends
Credit: ONE Esports

Naturally, the Support emblem works best for Estes, as it amplifies healing effect, while granting substantial cooldown reduction and movement speed bonuses.

The 3 best heroes to counter Estes in Mobile Legends

Take Agility in the first tier for additional movement speed, and Pull Yourself Together in the second tier to reduce the cooldown of your battle spell and active equipment.

For your core talent, pick Focusing Mark, which increases the damage of allied heroes to your target for a few seconds.

Estes best build

Best build and battle setup for Estes in Mobile Legends
Credit: ONE Esports

It’s essential to acquire items that strengthen your overall defense and mana regeneration to ensure that you provide continuous healing for your allies.

To start your build, buy Tough Boots equipped with the Favor roaming blessing to boost your healing capabilities.

Invest in Dominance Ice to obtain physical defense and extra mana. Additionally, it reduces the shield gain, HP regen, and attack speed of nearby enemies.

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Purchase Oracle to further enhance your healing effect, while gaining magic defense and cooldown reduction.

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Then, buy Enchanted Talisman for a significant mana regeneration and additional cooldown reduction.

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Next, invest in defensive items based on the opposing team’s hero composition.

Opt for Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor to bolster your magic resistance, or choose between Antique Cuirass and Blade Armor to reinforce your physical defense. Complete your build with Immortality to improve your survivability.

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The best build for Estes in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots (with Favor roaming blessing)
  • Dominance Ice
  • Oracle
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Immortality

Easy combos to learn

As Estes, your main role is to support your allies by healing them. Nonetheless, you can still exert pressure on opponents by hitting them with Domain of Moon Goddess, followed by the enhanced basic attack from Scripture of the Moon Elf.

However, you may need to conserve your mana, and primarily use it for Moonlight Immersion to heal your teammates.

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When engaging in team fights, activate the Blessing of Moon Goddess when you see an opportune moment. Proceed by immediately casting the enhanced version of Moonlight Immersion to provide sustained healing to the entire team.

Blacklist International Estes M3 World Championship skin
Credit: Moonton

Be mindful of your positioning during clashes to effectively support your allies. If you are positioned too far at the backline, you risk being out of reach to heal your tank.

Conversely, standing at the forefront renders you vulnerable to enemy attacks. Striking the balance entails positioning yourself in the middle of your team’s formation, enabling you to heal your teammates with the Blessing of Moon Goddess.

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