Sentinels star duelist Tyzon “TenZ” Ngo believes that gentleman assassin Chamber is one of the best sentinel agents in Valorant right now.

Chamber debuted in pro play during the VCT NA and EMEA Challengers open qualifiers, with TSM’s Matthew “Wardell” Yu even picking up the French sniper in place of his signature Jett.

T1 has opted to pick up Chamber on certain maps as well, with Joshua “steel” Nissan and Johann “seven” Hernandez taking turns to play the Gallic weapons expert on Icebox, Breeze, and Split.

Why does TenZ say Chamber is one of the best sentinel agents in Valorant?

“I think Chamber is one of the best sentinels by far right now on most maps,” said TenZ on stream. “Sova is played on almost every map, so Killjoy isn’t that great.”

“And Sage is not that great either. The only map Sage is played on right now is Icebox, and it’s purely for the wall on B site.”

After the nerfs to her Barrier Orb wall and healing abilities, Sage has gone from a must-pick sentinel in the first months of Valorant to a more situational choice.

Chamber’s introduction to Valorant added an entirely new type of sentinel agent to the game. While players usually think of sentinels as the ones that anchor a site or lurk patiently on attacking rounds, here was a sentinel whose kit rewarded him for taking aggressive angles.

His Rendezvous teleporters are the fastest escape in the game and more reliable than Jett’s Tailwind dash, giving him a free get-out-of-jail card when holding risky angles.

And like Jett, this allows him to get the first pick and then escape before he can be traded.

On top of that, he has excellent defensive capabilities as well, and his Trademark traps remain active even when he’s not nearby. This lets him reposition easily, while still maintaining a presence on the other side of the map. For large maps like Fracture, Haven, and even Breeze, this kit can prove invaluable.

The traps have a wide range too, slowing and detecting enemies in a large radius when tripped.

With a kit like that, it’s no wonder TenZ thinks he is one of the best sentinel agents in Valorant.

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