If you’re great with an Operator and Sheriff in Valorant, then you’ve come to the right place, Chamber is practically designed for you.

With the addition of Chamber to the roster after Valorant patch 3.10, here’s everything you need to know to master Valorant’s newest agent, including the role he plays, a complete breakdown of his agent abilities, agent combos, and how to counter him.

Chamber guide: Who is he and what role does he fill in Valorant?

How to unlock Chamber in Valorant's agent tab
Credit: Riot Games

Unfortunately for Yoru, Chamber is now the most stylish agent in Valorant. As a French weapons designer, he knows how to enjoy the finer things in life, indicated by his sharp suit, iconic watch, and signature weaponry.

As a Sentinel agent, Chamber can be played as advertised. Once the news broke that his agent abilities included weapons, players were worried that he would be another hybrid agent like KAY/O and Skye, but he really excels on defense.

How to properly use his agent abilities

Headhunter (Q — 100 credits per bullet/maximum of eight per round)

Headhunter is a custom weapon that players can use throughout the round. One bullet costs 100 credits, with a maximum of eight. Unused bullets carry over to the next round, but they do not stack, so players can only buy up to eight bullets each round.

There are two reasons why Headhunter is better than a Sheriff. First is that you can use right-click and ADS (aim down sights) for better accuracy. Second and more importantly, Headhunter does 159 damage on headshots at any range. A Sheriff only does 145 damage at 50 meters.

Rendezvous (E — free ability)

This allows Chamber to place two teleport anchors on the map. The distance between the two anchor points isn’t that great, so players may need to get creative on where they place them.

To teleport between the two points, Chamber should be within the area of an anchor point, and by pressing E, he will teleport to the other. There is a 19-second cooldown after teleporting.

The best way to use Rendezvous is to place them on strong defensive locations when holding a site. After getting a few kills, Chamber can teleport to another position to catch the attacking team off guard.

Pro tip: Chamber can boost himself onto high ground spots (double stacked boxes or generator) by placing an anchor point on high locations and teleporting towards it. Players should remember that Rendezvous only works if Chamber is on the same level as the anchor point. He cannot teleport if you place both anchor points on high locations.

Trademark (C — 150 credits/maximum of two per round)

This defensive ability is simple to use. Chamber drops a trap that scans for enemies. When a visible enemy comes in range, the trap counts down and then destabilizes the terrain around them, creating a small area that slows players caught inside of it.

What makes Trademark different from Killjoy’s Alarm Bot is that it isn’t invisible, so players need to place them around corners at high-contested areas. More importantly, Trademark remains active regardless of where Chamber is on the map. This makes Trademark a great ability to prevent flank plays.

Tour De Force (X — ultimate/seven ult orbs)

It is basically a better Operator because it will kill an enemy with any direct hit, even leg shots. Killing enemies will also create a small area that slows players caught inside of it, similar to his Trademark ability.

The Tour De Force is meant to be used the same way as an Operator. Just hold an angle and kill enemies that peek it without using their utility.

Strengths: He is a great defensive agent

Not only are his abilities best suited on defense, but he is also so fun to use when you put everything together. Winning aim duels, then teleporting to a different location and catching the enemy by surprise is a great way to outplay the competition.

On pistol rounds, he can choose to buy six Headhunter bullets and one Trademark trap to gain info and slow the enemy team. Even after missing six of the Headhunter shots, Chamber will still have a Classic he can use as his backup weapon. 

Players can also opt to buy four Headhunter bullets and half shields on pistol round, which should give Chamber the advantage in a straight-up aim duel.

Who does Chamber work well with?

Skye official Valorant art
Credit: Riot Games

Since Chamber is such a strong agent for anchoring a defense, he really needs assistance on attack because he doesn’t have a flash or molly, or any other ability that forces enemies to react. He also doesn’t have any smokes, which makes lurking a bit more difficult for him.

Initiators like Breach, Skye, or Sova are great choices because Chamber can work around their abilities to get kills.

How do you counter Chamber?

KAY/O, Valorant
Credit: Riot Games

Always keep an eye on how many credits Chamber has at the start of the round. If he is using his Headhunter pistol or Tour De Force, expect Chamber to take long-range aim duels. By shortening your distance from him through the use of smokes, he will have a harder shot to hit at close range.

If your team is struggling against Chamber while he is on defense, your best bet is to simply avoid the site he is defending. This will make his Rendezvous and Trademark abilities useless, unless he picks them up and sets up elsewhere.

A hard counter agent to Chamber would be KAY/O, whose ZERO/POINT suppression blade, and NULL/CMD pulse silence would take away his agent ability weapons.

Is Chamber broken?

Valorant agent Chamber added in Valorant patch 3.10
Credit: Riot Games

While some might consider an agent who can have four top-tier weapons in a round overpowered, it all comes down to knowing how to use them.

What makes Chamber unique is that he will always have a weapon that can win him aim duels because of his agent abilities. While most compare Headhunter to a Sheriff, it is really more like a Guardian because a headshot with it will kill an enemy at any distance.

He is the most economical agent in Valorant because he can just use Headhunter or Tour De Force as his primary weapon and save his credits for the next round. He can even drop for his teammates rifles with his excess credits. 

Players who were expecting Chamber to be a viable replacement for Jett will be disappointed. While players who pick Chamber should know how to use an Operator, he can only use it defensively. Jett can still do more with an Operator because of her Tailwind, Cloudburst, and Blade Storm ultimate.

Chamber plays similarly to the other sentinel agents in Valorant like Cypher, Killjoy, and Sage, he just has a lot more firepower.

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