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Kagura is a complex mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possessing a unique skill set that allows her to perform a five-spell combo and instantly burst down any hero.

She inflicts enormous damage and controls enemies through Seimei Umbrella Open and Yin Yang Overturn, her ultimate.

Rasho Umbrella Flee serves as her dash ability with a built-in Purify. It also lets her teleport to her umbrella, activating her Yin Yang Gathering passive.

All her abilities have a second form, depending on whether she holds her umbrella or not.

Still, as a mage, she is squishy and relies heavily on throwing out her spells. If you’re looking to shut her down, here’s a list of the best heroes to pick against her.

Three powerful counters to Kagura in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Blazing Axe Franco skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Franco is one of the few heroes who has an ability with suppression, the highest form of control, which cannot be removed by Purify nor Kagura’s Rasho Umbrella Flee. He possesses it in his ultimate, Bloody Hunt.

Hold her down with Bloody Hunt and tell your teammates to quickly burst her down. Use Hero Lock Mode to ensure that you target her with the ultimate.

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If she manages to survive and tries to escape, pull her back using Iron Hook then slam her with Fury Shock.

Choose Flicker to cut the gap and easily catch her with Bloody Hunt. Buy Athena’s Shield to mitigate her magic burst.

Kaja, whose Divine Judgment also has suppression, is a great alternative if Franco is not available.

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Empyrean Paladin Zilong collector skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton, screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

What makes Zilong a strong counter against Kagura is his ultimate, Supreme Warrior, which removes all slowing effects and makes him immune to them for the duration.

It also gives him additional movement speed and attack speed, letting him chase anyone who lacks hard control and proc his Dragon Flurry passive more often.

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When ganking Kagura, hide first in the bush nearest her. You can wait for her to cast Seimei Umbrella Open before activating Supreme Warrior. Close in using Spear Strike.

Control her with Spear Flip. Even if she removes its airborne effect, continue chasing and hitting her with basic attacks until you slay her.

Purchase Rose Gold Meteor for magic defense and physical attack. But if you need more magic defense, go for Athena’s Shield instead.


Experiment 21 Hayabusa skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Hayabusa is not just a lover of Kagura. It turns out, he is also an exceptional counter to her.

His ultimate, Ougi: Shadow Kill, enables him to chase her even if she tries to retreat using Rasho Umbrella Flee.

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Narrow the gap against her using Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow. Hit her with Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken and basic attacks to apply four Shadow Marks before triggering Shadow Kill for the finishing blow.

If Hayabusa is not available, Gusion, Lancelot, and Benedetta are viable substitutes.

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