If we were to talk about the most popular pick among solo players in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, many would say it’s tank hero Franco.

His signature skill, Iron Hook, enables him to pull enemies towards him from a distance, making him a game-changer in team fights.

Franco is one of the few heroes in the Land of Dawn who possess a suppression skill, Bloody Hunt, which cannot be purified or cancelled.

In the hands of a skilled player, his ability to hook and suppress enemies can completely alter the course of a game and turn even the most dire situations around.

Despite his immense counter-play potential, there’s no need to panic if you encounter The Frozen Warrior in a ranked game. There are several heroes that can respond to him effectively. Here are three of the best hero choices against him.

3 hero counters to Franco in Mobile Legends


Fuel Turbine Atlas wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Atlas, the Ocean Gladiator, is a hero that you don’t want your teammates to get close to.

When Franco hooks Atlas, it’s as good as a death sentence, because he can use Fatal Links to pull The Frozen Warrior and other nearby enemy heroes towards his allies. Atlas can also negate Iron Hooks with his first skill, Perfect Match.

The only thing Franco can do is avoid engaging entirely. However, this is easier said than done, as Atlas can execute his Perfect Match-Flicker-Fatal Links combo, which has no counter-play in this situation.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Hylos
Credit: Moonton

Hylos is another tank hero that you don’t want to get too close to, as he excels in close combat and soaking a lot of damage.

He boasts one of the highest defensive stats in the early game. His second skill, Ring of Punishment, also deals a lot of damage for a tank hero. This makes him a formidable opponent in the laning phase, where he can invade the enemy jungle and force Franco to play defensively.

As the game progresses, Hylos becomes even more dangerous, as his defensive output increases. His ultimate skill, Glorious Pathway, makes him virtually unkillable, even if Franco manages to hook him in team fights.

Prioritize Sunfire Cape in this matchup and go straight for the Guardian Helmet for the massive HP boost. Buy Athena’s Shield next if the enemy has a lot of magic damage dealers. Otherwise, build Antique Cuirass.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Johnson

Johnson is often considered a situational pick, but he excels in the roamer position against Franco. An experienced Johnson player who drives well with Rapid Touchdown can force the Frozen Warrior to play defensively, which is counterintuitive to his aggressive playstyle.

Johnson’s passive skill also grants him a shield, making him a difficult target to take down in team fights. Up against Franco, you should always stay in the front and bait him to use Iron Hook on you.

Rapid Touchdown can be used to survey chokepoints near your gold laner or jungler to check if Franco is lurking nearby. This exerts pressure on him, and dissuades him from finding a good position.

By constantly keeping the enemy roamer on his toes, you can limit his effectiveness and give your team an advantage.

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