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Kaja, known for his powerful crowd control and magic damage skills, can be a headache if not dealt with properly in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

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His defining skill, Divine Judgement, gives him the ability to single out key targets, suppress them, and give way to easy pick-offs for his teammates.

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This makes him a constant threat to the enemy, and a great asset to almost any team composition. In fact, his skillset allows him to be played in multiple roles, providing good utility and reliable damage.

But as mighty and robust as he is, the Nazar King can be defeated if you choose the right heroes when facing him.

Here are three heroes who have the tools to counter Kaja in MLBB


Kaja relies heavily on his ultimate for effectiveness. If he fails to catch a key target or if his ultimate is interrupted, his impact on fights can be significantly reduced.

If you want to render Kaja useless in the game, you need to have Khufra in your hero pool. The Desert Tyrant excels at disrupting enemy initiations with his crowd-control abilities, allowing him to check the enemy fighter support’s every attempt to engage.

When playing as Khufra, It’s important to be mindful of the Nazar King’s positioning and ultimate cooldown. It would help if you aimed to stay between him and your team’s squishy heroes to prevent him from isolating them with his ultimate.

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When he gets near your teammates, quickly jump at him with your Tyrant’s Revenge ability. Whether he activates his Divine Judgement or not, continue controlling him to prevent him from completing his initiation.

When available, use your Tyrant’s Rage to slam him to the nearest wall, and continue controlling him with your Bouncing Ball. You can also opt to use the Bouncing Ball first, but you have to time it correctly. Use it only when he is attempting to use his dash to negate it.

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Moreover, building items that increase your durability can help you withstand the support’s attacks and protect your teammates. Items like Oracle and Athena’s Shield are good options.


Using Chou against Kaja is almost a case of fighting fire with fire.

Like the fighter-support hybrid, the Kung Fu Boy has a wide array of tools that allow him to initiate pick-offs. Their ultimates are similar in that the Way of The Dragon isolates and displace one enemy, just as Divine Judgement does.

The difference — and Chou’s best advantage — is his superior mobility.

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As Chou, you want to keep mobile and unpredictable to make it harder for Kaja to land his ultimate. Try to stay on the outskirts of fights, darting in only when Kaja is starting to approach your squishy teammates.

While you cannot stop his suppression ability, you can beat him by making the move first with your Jeet Kune Do-Shunpo-Way of the Dragon combo. Make sure to kick him where your teammates are to delete him from the fight.

The same concept applies whether you are playing as a roamer or an EXP laner.


You might be wondering why Nana is included in this list of hero counters to Kaja. But if you look closely at Sweet Leonin’s skills, you’ll find her easily winning the head-to-head matchup.

As mentioned earlier, Kaja’s strength lies in controlling enemy heroes. Nonetheless, it is also his greatest weakness. Nana possesses skills that can control and deal damage to the fighter support and make his life miserable in the Land of Dawn.

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In the laning stage, you can continually poke him using your Magic Boomerang to deal magic damage and slow effects. All the while, you can plant your Molina’s Smooch near you to prevent him from even thinking to engage.

Otherwise, he’ll risk turning himself into a helpless animal— an easy target for your teammates.

In the case that you get caught with Divine Judgement, you don’t need to worry. Nana’s Molina’s Gift passive makes you immune to death, essentially wasting Kaja’s ultimate.

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