Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.5.88 has enabled many heroes to rise up in the new meta such as Sun, Minotaur, and even Kaja. One hero that was massively underperforming became a little too overpowered, and he’s none other than the Firaga Armor, X.Borg.

What made him such a strong pick in patch 1.5.88? And what does the new item War Axe have to do with it?

X.Borg’s improved stats

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, X.Borg
Credit: Moonton

Skill 1 – Fire Missiles

  • Base damage increased from 30-100 to 40-100
  • Total Physical Attack Bonus for damage increased from 50% to 60%
  • Damage to minions increased from 75% to 75%-100%

Ultimate – Last Insanity

  • Base Fire Damage increased from 200-300 to 200-250
  • Extra Physical Attack Bonus for Fire Damage increased from 100% to 130%

Based on the patch notes, his main damage skills, Fire Missiles and Last Insanity were greatly improved.

X.Borg easily falls off in the latter stages of the game, but patch 1.5.88 has allowed him to dominate all game, especially with the right items.

How to play the new X.Borg with War Axe

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang item, War Axe
Credit: Moonton

The Firaga Armor is still usually played in the EXP lane, but some are finding success with him in the jungle position.

If you want to dominate with X.Borg in this meta, build War Axe after finishing your jungle item if you are a jungler, or Immortality if you are playing in the side lane.

War Axe gives its wielder an extra 550 HP, 55 physical attack, and a 10% cooldown reduction. But what tops the cake is War Axe’s passive, Berserk.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang X.Borg skin, Moto Drifter
Credit: Moonton

The passive alone amps up his physical attack upon dealing damage while increasing his movement speed. This item, combined with Fire Missiles, makes him a beast whatever role he is playing.

It’s so overpowered that even MLBB content creator Elgin Gaming made a video detailing how truly overpowered the X.Borg and War Axe combo is.

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