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There are many ways to play fighter hero X.Borg in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Some opt to play him with full offensive items, while others start with Immortality and Bruteforce Breastplate to ramp up his defensive stats.

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But if there’s one item that should always be in his item build, it would be War Axe.

The item provides adequate damage, HP, and cooldown reduction. Building War Axe should be on your priority list whether you are in the lead or have fallen behind in a ranked game.

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Why fighter hero X.Borg needs to prioritize War Axe to succeed in ranked

  • 550 HP
  • 25% physical attack
  • 10% cooldown reduction
  • Fighting Spirit: Dealing damage grants 12 extra physical attack and 2% extra spell vamp per second for 4s, up to 6 stacks. Deal 10% extra true damage according to base damage at full stacks.

What makes the item a must-have is its passive, Fighting Spirit. X.Borg is one of the few fighter heroes who can easily max out its passive, as his Fire Missiles and Last Insanity skills deal continuous damage.

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The extra damage and spell vamp go a long way in team fights, especially in the early to mid-game where he is at his strongest.

The same goes when playing him in the jungle, as it greatly increases his jungle clear speed, especially against the Turtle and Lord.

Since X.Borg doesn’t use mana, the cooldown reduction is also a strong addition to his skill set and helps him achieve the 40% cooldown ceiling when built with other cooldown reduction items such as Oracle and Hunter’s Strike.

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Furthermore, by pairing War Axe with Brute Force Breastplate, the fighter hero becomes a DPS monster that deals tremendous damage.

Here’s a sample build on the hero with War Axe as a priority item.

  • Tough Boots
  • War Axe
  • Brute Force Breastplate
  • Immortality
  • Hunter’s Strike
  • Oracle

This item build gives him a 40% cooldown reduction and offensive capabilities extending to the late game.

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You can switch Immortality for Ice Queen Wand if you need more crowd control or Brute Force Breastplate for the defensive stats.

To learn more about other equally strong EXP lane heroes in MLBB, read our in-depth guide on Aulus, Fredrinn, and Phoveus.

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