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Wee Yao “Sky Wee” Liang is regarded as one of the best EXP laners in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He has consistently reached the top of the leaderboards on multiple fighters, earning him the title “King of Fighters.”

One hero that he’s known for is Zilong, and he was at one point at the top of the hero leaderboards in Singapore.

The fighter hero is one of the strongest and most popular fighters in the game, and despite being considered relatively easy to play, mastering him can be challenging, even for experienced players.

For those looking to improve their gameplay with the hero, Sky Wee shares five valuable tips that can significantly enhance their gameplay and help them become more familiar with the hero’s skills.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Zilong in Mobile Legends, according to Sky Wee

Run Assassin Emblem

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang assassin emblem, High and Dry and Killing Spree
Credit: Moonton

To maximize Zilong’s damage and increase his burst potential, players should prioritize Agility first for its movement speed and Invasion, which provides physical penetration.

For talents, you can either go for Bounty Hunter if you are playing in the jungle or High and Dry if you are in the EXP lane.

Watch your early-game positioning

What differentiates a top-tier Zilong is his positioning and timing. In the early game, focus on farming up fast, ganking, taking Lithowanderer, and securing Red Buff.

Use bushes to your advantage by hiding in them, then patiently wait for the right opportunity to strike with his full combo of Supreme Warrior, into Spear Strike, and Spear Flip.

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Keep creating opportunities for yourself and your team

Empyrean Paladin Zilong collector skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton, screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Secure first blood by hiding in the bush adjacent to mid-lane at level one. The moment the enemy heroes push up a minion wave, Spear Flip them into your team for an easy kill.

From there, you can invade the enemy’s blue buff with a number’s advantage. Keep looking for chances to steal their jungle creeps so that they will have less XP and gold than you.

From mid to late game, work with your allies to set up combos and keep up the pressure.

Use this all-rounded best build

Prioritize Windtalker and Demon Hunter Sword to help increase his movement speed and damage output.

What sets my build apart from others is the addition of Queen’s Wings. An item that reduces damage taken by 20% when your hero’s HP is less than 40%, which prevents him from getting bursted down in any situation. Finally, in the late game, opt for Immortality.

Sky Wee’s best build for ZIlong in MLBB

  • Warrior Boots or Tough Boots
  • Windtalker
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Queen’s Wings
  • Immortality

Late game strategy

Because Zilong is best at 1v1 situations in the late game, I recommend solo pushing a lane. However, you’ll need high map awareness in order not to get caught out of position.

When fights break out, it is crucial for Zilong to pick his targets carefully. Focus primarily on killing the enemy’s most important heroes – marksmen and assassins.

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