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Moskov is a marksman hero who has been a solid pick no matter the meta in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

He has a blink ability that grants an attack speed buff, as well as a solid crowd control skill to lock down his target or push back an approaching enemy.

Plus, his ultimate is one of the few spells in the game that has a global range.

Master playing the Spear of Quiescence through our comprehensive guide that covers recommended emblems, battle spells, best build, and skill combos.

Moskov’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Spear of Quiescence

Moskov’s basic attacks can penetrate the target and deal physical damage to enemies behind them. Each basic attack hit reduces the cooldowns of his first two active skills.

  • His basic attacks penetrate in a straight line. Find the right angle to deal damage to the enemies behind.
  • Use this to harass your lane opponent without going near them. Hit the minion in front of them using the Attack Minion button.

First skill – Abyss Walker

Moskov teleports to the target location, increasing his attack speed for a duration. Meanwhile, his basic attack deals more damage to enemies behind the primary target.

  • Max this first as this is his blink ability, which can be used to chase opponents down or escape from them.
  • Use this to blink to the proper angle where you can hit the enemies at the back through his passive.
  • This is also a great skill to dodge ground-targeted spells.
  • Thanks to his passive, you can easily spam Abyss Walker with enough attack speed items.

Second skill – Spear of Misery

Moskov launches a powerful strike at the target enemy hero or creep, dealing physical damage, knocking them back, and exposing their position for several seconds.

If the enemy collides with an enemy hero when knocked back, they’ll both take physical damage and be stunned. If the enemy is knocked into a wall, they’ll be stunned as well.

  • This skill also requires proper angling so you can proc its stun effect.
  • Use Abyss Walker to find the right position where you can impale the target onto a wall.
  • Even if your target gets pushed into a bush, you can still see them and hit them with basic attacks.
  • You can also use this to knock back enemies who try to get near you.

Ultimate – Spear of Destruction

After a short delay, Moskov throws out the Spear of Destruction in the target direction, dealing huge physical damage to enemies in a line and to the first enemy hero hit.

Upon hitting an enemy hero, the spear explodes and deals bigger damage to enemies behind them. The enemy hero and enemies hit by the explosion are slowed. The slow duration scales with the flying distance.

  • Use this to finish off or slow down enemies who try to escape.
  • With proper timing, you can steal neutral objectives such as Turtle and Lord using the ultimate.
  • An indicator is placed on the minimap to help you hit your target even without hovering on their position.
  • Holding down on the ultimate button after casting it will let you see the flight of the spear until it hits an enemy hero or reaches its end.

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A comprehensive guide on how to play Moskov in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends Moskov guide-Inspire and Aegis battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

Inspire is the most ideal battle spell. It provides additional physical attack, and more importantly, attack speed to help you cast Abyss Walker and Spear of Misery more often during a duel or team fight.

But if you need to play it safe, choose Aegis instead. It gives you extra protection from ganks, and enables you to fight back against a tough opponent in the lane.

Recommended emblem

Recommended emblem for Moskov in Mobile Legends
Credit: ONE Esports

The Marksman emblem works best for Moskov, for it substantially enhances attack speed, adaptive attack, and lifesteal.

Pick Swift in the first tier to gain additional attack speed, and Weapons Master in the second tier to obtain extra physical attack from equipment, emblem, talents, and skills.

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Finally, select Quantum Charge as your core talent. It periodically boosts your movement speed and restores HP when you deal damage using basic attacks.

Moskov best build

Mobile Legends Moskov guide-pro item builds
Credit: ONE Esports

Building up your attack speed is the best way to go because of the cooldown reduction effect of Moskov’s passive.

As such, Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, and Golden Staff are must-buy items for him. You can opt to increase your attack speed further and gain a critical hit chance with Windtalker or Scarlet Phantom.

Haas’ Claws and Wind of Nature can boost your survivability, while Malefic Roar provides a significant amount of damage and physical penetration.

For your movement item, go for Tough Boots to reduce crowd control and slow effects. You can upgrade your Boots after purchasing two or three core items.

The best build for Moskov in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Golden Staff
  • Haas’ Claws/Wind of Nature
  • Malefic Roar

Easy combos to learn

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Twilight Dragon Moskov
Credit: Moonton

In the laning stage, use Abyss Walker to find the proper angle in casting Spear of Misery so you can pin your enemy onto a wall. When you have done it successfully, activate Inspire, then hit them with basic attacks.

If they attempt to flee, unleash Spear of Destruction to kill them or slow them down. Always remember that the ultimate has a short delay, so you need to predict where they are going.

You can also use Spear of Misery first if you are sure that your target will be impaled. Trigger Abyss Walker right away and use basic attacks to take them down.

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