Hayabusa is one of the deadliest and most agile heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

This ninja specializes in assassinating a single target. His passive, Ninjutsu: Trace Shadow, applies a mark that increases his damage with each attack and allows him to prioritize an enemy when using the Ougi: Shadow Kill.

He closes in with Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow before unleashing the Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken and Shadow Kill to slay his target. Quad Shadow is a great ability that lets him go in and out of skirmishes.

However, there are still ways to deal with this nimble assassin. Here are three viable heroes to counter the Crimson Shadow in the Land of Dawn.

3 counters to Hayabusa in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Starlight skin, Simian Curse Sun
Credit: Moonton

Sun is a pain to all single-target burst heroes out there, such as Hayabusa.

You can create a doppleganger with the Endless Variety or Swift Exchange and add a stronger one through the Clone Techniques, rendering Shadow Kill almost useless.

What’s more, you can dodge his attacks, for Sun becomes momentarily untargetable when casting Swift Exchange and Clone Techniques.

If you think you can man up against Hayabusa, chase him with Instantaneous Move. But if you need to flee, confuse him by utilizing Endless Variety or Swift Exchange.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Starlight skin, Iron Hound Saber
Credit: Moonton

Effectively using his lethal skill set paired with a proper item build, Saber can kill any hero in an instant.

Once Hayabusa enters a fight, cast your Orbiting Swords-Charge-Triple Sweep combo to take him down. You can hide in a bush to make a surprise attack and take advantage of the Hero Lock Mode to ensure that you execute the combo on him.

Buy Blade of Heptaseas then follow it up with Hunter Strike, Malefic Roar and Blade of Despair for maximum damage.


Credit: Moonton

Khufra is an annoying tank hero for Hayabusa to handle. His second skill, Bouncing Ball, stops him from teleporting to his shadows.

When he casts Quad Shadow, use Bouncing Ball to stay on top of him. Slam him onto a wall or near your allies when he runs out of shadows. He might also be forced to use Shadow Kill, which you can absorb, preventing damage done to your teammates.

Purchase physical defense items such as Dominance Ice and Antique Cuirass to further reduce the ninja’s damage.

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