Alucard is a formidable fighter-assassin hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who wields a massive sword in his demonic hand to slay his foes.

He is easy to learn and possesses one of the strongest lifesteal abilities in the game, Fission Wave. It also reduces the cooldown of his other skills, slows enemies, and produces a shockwave that deals huge damage from a decent range.

Groundsplitter lets him chase down opponents easily, and Whirling Slash deals physical damage in a circular area. Pursuit, his passive, enhances his skills and basic attacks while giving him another chase ability.

While he is fearsome in close combat, he can be vulnerable to heroes who can hold or burst him down before he can take advantage of his lifesteal.

Three strong counters to Alucard in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Monk Akai skin wallpaper
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Akai can make Alucard’s lifestealing capability worthless using his Heavy Spin, which has the same duration as Fission Wave.

As soon as Alucard activates Fission Wave, cast Heavy Spin to continuously push him away, or pin him against a wall or an allied turret. Coordinate with your teammates, especially those with burst damage, to take him down swiftly.

Buy Dominance Ice to gain extra physical defense, and reduce his lifesteal and attack speed.

Kaja, Franco, and Khufra are viable alternatives if Akai is not available due to their equally effective control spells.

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Dimension Walker Gusion wallpaper official splashart
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Owning one of the deadliest skill combos in the Land of Dawn, Gusion can kill Alucard even before he can maximize his ultimate.

Perform the Shadowblade Slaughter-Sword Spike combo and repeat it after activating Incandescence. For an easier variation, cast Shadowblade Slaughter, refresh it with Incandescence, throw Shadowblade Slaughter again, then hit him with Sword Spike.

Executing Gusion’s combo may be challenging at first, but putting hours into it will be absolutely rewarding. With enough practice, you can burst down Alucard and any other enemy in style.

Alternatively, you can pick mage heroes Eudora and Aurora who can also unleash devastating combos.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang God of War Martis skin 
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If you want to fight Alucard head-on, look no further than Martis. He has solid crowd-control skills, insane attack speed, and burst damage.

Knock him back and airborne using Mortal Coil, then slow him down with Ashura Aura. With Ashura’s Wrath at full stacks, strike him with basic attacks.

When he drops to a quarter of his HP, you can finish him off with Decimation.

If you want more attack speed and damage, purchase Sea Halberd. But if you need physical defense, go for Dominance Ice instead. Both items are effective in weakening his lifesteal.

You can also consider picking Sun or Karina if Martis gets banned during the draft.

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