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In Genshin Impact, the significance of the number seven extends beyond just elements. The core gameplay revolves around seven distinct elements — anemo, geo, electro, dendro, hydro, pyro, cryo — each represented by Genshin Impact Archons.

Archons are basically gods in this game, each with their own element, ideals, and a Teyvat nation to rule over. Dubbed “The Seven”, each of these Genshin Impact Archons possesses a Gnosis, an item that can be used to directly resonate with the mysterious island of Celestia.

Inazuma City Themed Series Character Stand - Raiden Shogun
Credit: HoYoverse
VIEW PRICE: Inazuma City Themed Series Character Stand – Raiden Shogun

Currently, Zhongli is the oldest Archon at over 6,000 years old while Sumeru’s Dendro Archon, Inazuma’s Electro Archon, and Fontaine’s Hydro Archon are the youngest ones at 500 years old. More information about the Archons will be revealed as the game’s story progresses in the next few years.

Here is the full list of all seven Genshin Impact Archons, including their elements, nations, and voice actors.

All seven Genshin Impact Archons, their elements, and voice actors

VentiBarbatosAnemoMondstadtEN: Erika Harlacher
CN: Miaojiang
JP: Ayumu Murase
KR: Jung
ZhongliMoraxGeoLiyueEN: Keith Silverstein
CN: Bo Peng
JP: Tomoaki Maeno
KR: Pyo
Raiden EiBeelzebulElectroInazumaEN: Anne Yatco
CN: Juhuahua
JP: Miyuki Sawashiro
KR: Park
NahidaLesser Lord KusanaliDendroSumeruEN: Kimberley Anne Campbell
CN: Hualing
JP: Yukari Tamura
KR: Park
FurinaEgeriaHydroFontaineEN: Amber Lee Connors
CN: Qian Chen
JP: Inori Minase
KR: Kim Ha-yeong
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Who is the strongest Archon in Genshin?

One of the Genshin Impact Archons, Zhongli
Credit: HoYoverse

In terms of power and immense strength, the Geo character Zhongli is the strongest among all five current playable Genshin Impact Archons.

Warning: Major spoilers if you have yet to play the Archon Quest Chapter I, Act II: Farewell, Archaic Lord.

He has achieved a lot of physically-taxing feats during the entirety of his 6,000-year life, some of which include single-handedly defeating the sea monster Osial, slaying other gods, sealing the massive mountain dragon Azhdaha, and forming a part of Liyue’s geography.

GENSHIN IMPACT Liyue Harbor Series: Character Stand - Zhongli
Credit: HoYoverse
VIEW PRICE: Liyue Harbor Series: Character Stand – Zhongli

Zhongli is so strong and powerful that he even had to fake his own death just to step down from his role as an Archon and finally get some rest.

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