There are a total of 13 Liyue characters in Genshin Impact. From the hardworking Liyue Qixing secretary Ganyu to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s consultant Zhongli, this Chinese-inspired Teyvat region is simply budding with colorful personas.

Who is the strongest out of all the Liyue characters in the game? This Genshin Impact tier list will explore which are the best characters in the region.

Genshin Impact tier list: The 5 best Liyue characters for combat

5. Xingqiu
4. Zhongli
3. Xiao
2. Hu Tao
1. Ganyu

5. Xingqiu’s kit is incredibly strong

Genshin Impact tier list, Liyue characters, Xingqiu
Credit: miHoYo

Xingqiu rarity: 4-star
Xingqiu element: Hydro
Xingqiu weapon: Sword
Xingqiu voice actors: Cristina Vee Valenzuela (EN), Yajing Tang (CN), Minagawa Junko (JP), Gwak Gyu-Mi (KR)

A member of Genshin Impact’s underrated club, Xingqiu places highly on the Genshin Impact tier list.

Xingqiu’s elemental skill, “Fatal Rainscreen”, summons Rain Swords that provide damage reduction and a little bit of healing. Not only that but Xingqiu’s elemental burst “Raincutter” is one of the main reasons why he is an S-tier support character.

“Raincutter” allows your characters to deal Hydro damage even if Xingqiu is not on the battlefield. Travelers tend to get creative with this, as they trigger different elemental reactions efficiently.

Stop sleeping on Liyue’s ultimate bookworm, and wish for Xingqiu today!

4. Zhongli’s geo shield is the strongest in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, Zhongli
Credit: miHoYo

Zhongli rarity: 5-star
Zhongli element: Geo
Zhongli weapon: Polearm
Xingqiu voice actors: Keith Silverstein (EN), Bo Peng (CN), Maeno Tomoaki (JP), Pyo Yeong-Jae (KR)

Shields are extremely important when you’re up against weekly bosses, and that is why Zhongli ranks highly on this Genshin Impact tier list.

Zhongli’s Jade Shield offers one of the best defenses in the game, providing 150% damage Absorption against all elemental and physical damage. Zhongli’s shield lasts longer than its cooldown, allowing Travelers to do more for less.

Combine this overpowered shield with Zhongli’s petrifying elemental burst, “Planet Befall”, and you have yourself an S-tier support character.

3. There came a time when Xiao was the best DPS in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact events, Lantern Rite, Xiao wallpaper, ToxicNTN
Credit: ToxicNTN

Xiao rarity: 5-star
Xiao element: Anemo
Xiao weapon: Polearm
Xiao voice actors: Laila Berzins (EN), kinsen (CN), Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (JP), Jeong Yoo-mi/ Sim Kyu-hyuk (KR)

Upon his release, the yaksha Xiao was the strongest main DPS character in the game.

It’s all about mobility with Xiao, for he possesses a handy kit that allows him to lunge forward and jump around in a matter of seconds. Xiao’s elemental burst and skill are very effective against fighting hordes and crowds of enemies, dealing tons of damage every time he falls to the ground.

What’s more, Xiao is a very efficient pick during timed event quests or point-based quests where you need to defeat multiple enemies.

Button-mash your way to victory with Xiao!

2. Hu Tao is the second-strongest out of all Liyue characters

Genshin Impact, Hu Tao
Credit: miHoYo

Hu Tao rarity: 5-star
Hu Tao element: Pyro
Hu Tao weapon: Polearm
Hu Tao voice actors: Brianna Knickerbocker (EN), Dian Tao (CN), Takahashi Rie (JP), Kim Ha-ru (KR)

Silly~churl, billy~churl, silly~billy hilichurl~

Hu Tao is her name, and death is her game!

Hu Tao only ranks as the second-best Liyue character in this Genshin Impact tier list. Hu Tao’s elemental skill and burst were designed for risk-takers. The more she gets low on health, the stronger the Pyro damage she deals on a single enemy. Now that’s what we call dancing with death!

For players who are looking into dealing massive numbers, the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor’s director is the one for you.

1. Ganyu tops this Genshin Impact tier list

Genshin Impact, Ganyu, wallpaper
Credit: miHoYo

Ganyu rarity: 5-star
Ganyu element: Cryo
Ganyuweapon: Bow
Ganyu voice actors: Jennifer Losi (EN), Su Lin (CN), Ueda Reina (JP), Kim Sun-hye (KR)

Ganyu is literally the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) out of all the Liyue characters.

She is a strong Cryo bow user due to her “Liutian Archery” talent, which deals high AoE damage for charged attacks.

Ganyu’s range extends far and wide in combat too, thanks to her elemental burst “Celestial Shower”. This elemental burst summons a Sacred Cryo Pearl which rains down shards of ice on enemies. Combine Ganyu’s burst with a Pyro burst to achieve the Melt elemental reaction and deal double the damage.

The Inazuma character Kamisato Ayaka may have bested her in the Spiral Abyss Genshin Impact tier list. However, Ganyu remains to be one of the best Liyue characters in the game.

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