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The official Honkai Star Rail 2.4 release date has been announced.

Previously, we enjoyed Honkai Star Rail version 2.3, titled “Farewell, Penacony” released on June 19, 2024 which concluded Trailblazer’s journey in Pencony.

Warning: Spoilers if you haven’t played the Farewell, Penacony storyline.

In version 2.3, we meet Jade. An important person from Penacony, Oti Alfalfa head of the Alfalfa Family (one of the lineages of The Family in Penacony), invites us aboard his ship called Radiant Feldspar. Firefly sneaks onto the ship and talks to Jade, who is well-known for granting another’s wishes, but at a price.

HSR character Huaiyan Silhouette in ONE Esports featured image for article "All Xianzhou Wardance characters: From Zhuming to Yaoqing"
Credit: ONE Esports, HoYoverse
All Xianzhou Wardance characters: From Zhuming to Yaoqing

Things escalate quickly, and the quest ends when we find out that Sparkle has placed doll “bombs” aboard the ship. Before Sparke detonates these bombs, she pushes the Trailblazer off the ship. Firefly then jumps out, transforming into Sam to save you.

One month after the launch of 2.3, which told the stories of Acheron, Aventurine, Sunday, and other characters that played key roles in the Charmony Festival, we’re now moving into Honkai Star Rail 2.4, Finest Duel Under the Pristine Blue, a Trailblaze Continuance where we head back to the Xianzhou Luofu, get a chance to know the Xianzhou Wardance characters (which runs until version 2.5), and discover Yanqing’s new identity.

What is the Wardance ceremony?

The annual Wardance festival celebrates the Reighbow Arbiter and Cloud Knight’s triumph against the Abominations of Abundance.

This year, it holds special significance. It’s a chance to uplift Luofu residents after the recent crisis and extend a hand of peace and hospitality to allies and friends.

You’ll reunite with Yanqing and encounter esteemed figures like General Feixiao of the Merlin’s Claw (Xianzhou Yaoqing) and General Huaiyan of the Flaming Heart (Xianzhou Zhuming).

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 release date and full list of new content

Xueyi, Moze, and Jiaoqiu at an entrance of the Shackling Prison in HSR
Credit: HoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 new map, “The Shackling Prison”

  • Blade and Luocha were interrogated here

Overseen by the Ten-Lords Commission, the Shackling Prison holds the realm’s most dangerous criminals. Its imposing entrance lies hidden, shrouded in the mystery of the deep.

Trailblazers venturing through the Sea-Stilling Gate will find themselves at the dispatch hub, a mere gateway to the true depths below. The prison floors plunge into darkness, their extent unknown.

Beware, for these depths are stalked by Borisin, monstrous wolves known for their ruthless nature and uncontrollable Moon Rage.

Yunli screenshot from Honkai Star Rail 2.4 livestream
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 new 5-star characters

Combat type: Physical
Path: Destruction
Voice actors: Brenna Larsen (EN), Liu Wen (CN), Wakayama Shion (JP), Lee Ju-eun (KR)

A blazing talent and the cherished granddaughter of “Flaming Heart” General Huaiyan. Wielding her sword with both skill and passion, Yunli has trained under Huaiyan’s watchful eye since childhood.

Her dedication has earned her the title of second-youngest prodigy swordmaster of the Flamewheel Octet.

Yunli release date in Honkai Star Rail — new Destruction path 5-star
All Yunli materials in Honkai Star Rail: Ascencion and trace materials for 5-star Destruction character

Yunli’s defining skill is “Counter”. When attacked, she unleashes a swift retaliation, punishing not only her attacker but enemies nearby.

Unleashing her Ultimate grants Yunli the Parry state, making her a defensive powerhouse. This stance reduces incoming damage and compels enemies to focus their attacks on her. But that’s not all! Under Parry, Yunli’s critical damage skyrockets, and her Counter transforms into a devastating Pow

Jiaqiu screenshot from Honkai Star Rail 2.4 livestream
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Combat type: Fire
Path: Nihility
Voice actors: Mark Whitten (EN), Chenzhang Taikang (CN), Toyonaga Toshiyuki (JP), Lee Jung-min (KR)

Jiaoqiu release date in Honkai Star Rail – new Nihility 5-star character
All Jiaoqiu materials in Honkai Star Rail: Ascencion and trace materials

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 banners

Honkai Star Rail Phase 1 banners featuring 5-star characters Yunli and Huohuo
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Phase 1

  • Yunli
  • Huohuo
  • 4-star characters: Hanya, Yukong, Lynx
Honkai Star Rail Phase 2 banners featuring 5-star characters Jiaoqiu and Sparkle
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Phase 2

  • Jiaoqiu
  • Sparkle
  • 4-star characters: Hook, Guinaifen, Arlan

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 new Light Cones

  • Dance at Sunset (5-star)
  • Those Many Springs (5-star)
  • Poised to Bloom (4-star)
New Companion Mission  Swords To Plowshares announced during Honkai Star Rail 2.4 livestream
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 new companion mission — Yunli

  • Swords to Plowshares
Saga of Primaveral Blade event announcement during Honkai Star Rail 2.4 livestream
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 new events

  • Saga of Primaveral Blade — The Wardance ceremony is approaching, and March 7th has been invited to become Yanqing and Yunli’s apprentice in swordplay. As her assistant, you will plan Swordart Sessions to help her achieve victory in the eventual duel in swordplay. Completing this event will reward you with a March 7th Hunt invitation.
  • Operation Memoria Snapshot — A trainee doctor from Penacony is looking for a helper at Starskiff Haven to help him complete a special photoshoot plan.
  • Trailblaze: Friendship is Magic! — The grey friend you once met in dreams has come alone to the real world of Belobog. He has arrived to resolve a crisis involving unknown shadows attacking residents, but he urgently needs your help and that of your companions.

Honkai Star Rail 2.4 returning events

  • Gift of Odyssey
  • Garden of Plenty
  • Planar Fissure

The Honkai Star Rail 2.4 livestream also announced a Fate/Stay Night collaboration coming to the game in the third quarter of 2025.

Honkai Star Rail version 2.4 is out on July 31, 2024.

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