X.Borg’s unique ability to dish out sustained damage and zone out enemies mean he remains a solid pick in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ranked and pro play.

He does this with his Fire Missiles and Fire Stakes abilities, two low cooldown, area-of-effect skills (AOE), that allow him to quickly clear waves and continually harass enemy laners.

His ultimate, Last Insanity, can send enemies reeling as he can unleash devastating AOE debuffs and damage, making it an effective offensive tool to control fights. But what makes him stand out is his Firaga Armor passive, which grants him added durability and enhances his offensive capabilities.

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With this understanding of his unique playstyle and strengths, it’s easy to see that the fiery fighter can be more effective if you equip him with items that boost his durability and enhance his ability to control enemies in the frontline.

Here are some items that you should consider when using X.Borg.

The 3 best items to build for X.Borg in Mobile Legends


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Immortality is typically built as the last item for most heroes in the Land of Dawn. But as X.Borg, the item should be your top priority in your build.

This is because it enables you to do what makes your hero a reliable pick in the game — zone out the enemy and lead at the frontline, especially in early-game engagements.

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The defensive equipment gives you another safety net when your Firaga Armor and health points are depleted. This is thanks to the item’s unique passive, Immortal, which resurrects you a few seconds after being taken down.

It also gives your hero a shield that can absorb a considerable amount of damage after being resurrected. Couple that with your Firaga Armor, enemies will use up a lot of their time in trying to take you down, buying time for your allies to take objectives or join the fight.

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Ice Queen Wand

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Ice Queen Wand, while an intriguing choice for a physical damage-based fighter, is actually a perfect item choice to build up offensive and zoning abilities.

Imagine, each time you hit an enemy with your skills, your enemy’s Movement Speed is reduced by a certain percentage for a duration thanks to the Ice Bound unique passive of the item.

Since your offensive skills have low cooldowns, you can continually harass and zone enemies out, making it easier for your team to either pounce on them or take down objectives.

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Essentially, it gives you more control over the battlefield, dictating the pace of the fight while you keep enemies exactly where you want them.

Other than the unique passive, the item also packs a boost in your HP and adds a percent spell vamp that only adds to your survivability, as well as additional movement speed.

War Axe

Credit: ONE Esports

War Axe is a powerhouse of an item for X.Borg, providing the hero with increased damage, survivability, mobility, and overall combat effectiveness — the reason why you should always consider building it when playing the hero.

Other than the boost in HP, physical attack, and cooldown reduction, what truly sets the War Axe apart is its unique passive ability, Fighting Stance.

Upon dealing damage to an enemy, you enter a battle stance and gain a wide array of buffs.

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Firstly, you gain movement speed that is invaluable for chasing down enemies or escaping sticky situations. When you pair this item with the Ice Queen Wand, enemies will have a hard time escaping your fiery attacks.

More than that, the item’s passive effect also provides extra Physical Attack and Penetration, further amplifying your damage potential, and allowing you to pack more punch to enemies as you zone them out.

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