Pharsa has always been a reliable pick for mage users in ranked and professional games of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

She has all the things you could ask for from a mage hero. With her arsenal of magic burst spells, including a long-range ultimate, she can deal massive damage in team fights. She also has a decent crowd control ability, enough to instantly take down enemies.

If you love playing mage heroes and are looking to climb up the ranks in Mobile Legends, here are three compelling reasons why you should master playing Pharsa.

3 reasons why Pharsa is a great mage hero to rank up in Mobile Legends

She possesses exceptional mobility

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pharsa Empress Phoenix skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

What makes Pharsa stand out among mage heroes is her high mobility. Her unique ability, Wings by Wings, allows her to take flight and travel swiftly across the map.

This makes her an ideal hero for ganking enemies, assisting allies in need, and chasing down or escaping from opponents. In the late game, her mobility becomes even more valuable as she can quickly clear minion waves to push or defend a lane before returning to her team.

Getting the Flicker battle spell gives her additional mobility and extends the range of her ultimate, Feathered Air Strike.

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She plays a big role in team fights, getting pickoffs, and securing objectives

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Pharsa Peony Bloom skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Pharsa can unleash devastating damage from long range to multiple enemies in a vast area using Feathered Air Strike, giving her team the upper hand in skirmishes. In addition, she has excellent crowd control capabilities through the Curse of Crow and Spiritual Unity passives, as well as another damage spell in Energy Impact.

She is a reliable hero for getting crucial pickoffs throughout the game. She pairs well with roamers who can hold down enemies like Franco, Khufra, and Kaja, enabling her to burst down the target instantly.

Furthermore, she can poke enemies with her magical burst and force them to retreat to their base, allowing her team to get a significant advantage in securing the Lord or taking down turrets.

She is easy to learn and viable in any composition

MSC 2022 pass skin, Hierophant Pharsa
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Lastly, Pharsa is a very easy hero to learn. Using her abilities and executing her skill combos are pretty straightforward.

You can mark enemies first with Curse of Crow, then activate its stun effect with the burst damage from either Feathered Air Strike or Energy Impact. You can chase down the target or flee after getting a kill using Wings by Wings.

This makes her an excellent choice for players who want to rank up without worrying too much about mechanics. The only things you need to focus on are controlling her Feathered Air Strike, and positioning in team fights for you to safely cast your spells, especially the ultimate.

What’s more, Pharsa can fit any team composition. She can even be played in the gold lane if the team already has a jungle marksman or someone who can effectively destroy turrets.

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