Layla might be the most basic hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but she still possesses immense power in her Energy Gun.

She has the longest attack range in the game, thanks to the passive effect of her ultimate, Destruction Rush. This synergizes perfectly with her passive ability, Malefic Gun, which increases the damage of her basic attack and skills based on the distance between her and enemies.

Destruction Rush is also a long-range nuke. Malefic Bomb can inflict massive damage, extend her range even further, and provide her with extra movement speed, while Void Projectile can damage and slow down enemies in a condensed area.

However, she is very squishy and lacks mobility, relying only on Flicker to escape or reposition herself. This makes her an easy target for heroes who can effectively reach her within striking distance.

5 strong counters to Layla in Mobile Legends


Empyrean Paladin Zilong collector skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton, screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

Zilong is the fastest fighter in the Land of Dawn when he uses his ultimate, Supreme Warrior. Coupled with Spear Strike, he can easily close the gap against Layla.

Hide in the bush first and wait for her to farm the minions. Activate Supreme Warrior and chase her down. Use Spear Strike, then control her with Spear Flip. Finish her off with basic attacks.


Deadly Mamba Natalia skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Layla is particularly vulnerable to assassins, and Natalia is among the most effective in this role.

Begin by using Assassin Instinct’s conceal state while waiting in the bushes for the right moment to strike. Use Hero Lock Mode to guarantee that she is your intended target.

Launch the enhanced basic attack from Assassin Instinct, followed by another amplified attack from The Hunt to finish her off. Flee quickly using Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb.

Alternatively, consider picking Hayabusa, Ling, Lancelot, Gusion, or Fanny if you are proficient with them.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Starcaster Harley
Credit: Moonton

If you’re a mage main, Harley is an excellent choice to counter Layla. He can blink in and burst down his target before slipping away unscathed through his magic hat.

Close in using Space Escape, then cast Deadly Magic. Hit her repeatedly with Poker Trick and a few basic attacks if necessary. Use Space Escape again to retreat to your hat and watch her explode from a distance.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 5th anniversary skin, Moon Goddess Miya
Screenshot by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Want a marksman to match up against Layla? Look no further than Miya. She can effortlessly narrow the distance against enemies with her ultimate, Hidden Moonlight, and bring them down with her combo.

Start off by activating Hidden Moonlight and moving as close to her as possible. Use Arrow of Eclipse to immobilize her and trigger Moon Arrow to boost your damage. If possible, use Inspire to increase your attack speed and lifesteal.

In a situation where both have full items, Miya should come out on top because of her unique skill set.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Golden Bullet Claude
Credit: Moonton

Claude is another marksman who is great at closing down on his target. With Battle Mirror Image, he can quickly engage and disengage from fights.

Use Art of Thievery to poke Layla and siphon her movement speed in the early game. Once you’ve reached level four and have Demon Hunter Sword, you can unleash the combo against her.

UseBattle Mirror Image to close in, then cast Blazing Duet to kill her. Quickly retreat using BMI to avoid counterattacks.

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