Sun, the Monkey King, is one of the most elusive heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

His exceptional skill lies in his ability to create illusions, making it incredibly challenging for his enemies to catch him.

For those aspiring to become adept at playing this cunning fighter, look no further than this extensive guide we’ve created.

Sun’s skills in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Sun guide-Simian God passive skill icon
Credit: ONE Esports

Passive – Simian God

Enemies hit by Sun and his Doppelgangers will have their physical defense reduced by a percentage, up to a certain stack. He recovers HP equal to half of his Doppelganger’s physical attack each time it deals damage.

First skill – Endless Variety

Sun hurls his Golden Staff in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in its path. Upon hitting an enemy hero or creep, or reaching the maximum range, the Golden Staff morphs into a Doppelganger that lasts for several seconds, and inherits a percentage of his attributes and a portion of his attack effects.

Endless Variety and Swift Exchange are learned and leveled up together, and share the same cooldown.

  • Take Endless Variety at level one. Poke your lane opponent with it, or if you’re a jungler, use it to get a buff.
  • Prioritize upgrading this skill first. By doing so, the illusions will inherit a higher percentage of attributes as you progress.
  • You can use this to deceive enemies while you are escaping from them. Throw out an illusion in a direction, and continue attacking your enemies while they chase the wrong target.

Second skill – Swift Exchange

Sun hurls his Golden Staff in the target direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in its path.

He conjures a Doppelganger at his location that lasts for several seconds, inherits a percentage of his attributes and a portion of his attack effects, conceals himself, and moves with the Golden Staff.

He reappears and retrieves the Golden Staff when it hits an enemy hero or reaches the maximum range.

  • Swift Exchange is his primary mobility spell. Use it to initiate your assault, chase down enemies, or get out of dangerous positions.
  • This lets you conceal and move with the Golden Staff, rendering you untargetable by basic attacks and skills for a moment. With proper timing, you can use it to dodge enemy attacks.
  • Bear in mind that Swift Exchange shares the same cooldown with Endless Variety. Therefore, it is crucial to know the appropriate timing when to use them.

Third skill – Instantaneous Move

Sun commands his Doppelgangers to strike at the target enemy with him, dealing physical damage to the target and enemies behind them.

  • Instataneous Move is another mobility skill that allows you to lock on an enemy. Use this to gather your illusions in taking down a specific target.
  • Even if your doppelgangers are far from you, they will still attack the opponent that you targeted with this skill.
  • Additionally, you can use this to retreat by charging on a minion or jungle creep before proceeding with your escape.

Ultimate – Clone Techniques

Sun summons a Doppelganger that lasts for several seconds and inherits a percentage of his attributes and a portion of his attack effects. The Doppelganger takes increased damage.

  • Unlike the doppelganger from Endless Variety or Swift Exchange, the Clone Techniques illusion inherits a higher percentage of attributes, and has a longer duration.
  • With this ultimate, you can have up to two doppelgangers at a time.
  • Upon casting this, Sun becomes untargetable for a moment. Use this to dodge the opponents’ skills or basic attacks.
  • When pushing a lane, use Clone Techniques to quickly destroy a turret.

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A comprehensive guide on how to play Sun in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Mobile Legends Sun guide-Flicker, Arrival, and Retribution battle spells
Credit: ONE Esports

For battle spell, Flicker is highly recommended. It gives you another escape tool, enabling you to be more slippery. Moreover, you can use it to chase down a target.

Arrival is another viable option, as Sun is one of the best heroes for split pushing. Use it to teleport to a lane and push there while the enemies are busy taking objectives.

If you’re playing as a jungler, Retribution is an excellent choice. It allows you to swiftly farm jungle creeps, and secure crucial objectives, such as the Lord or Turtle.

Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends Sun guide-Killing Spree from Assassin emblem, Disabling Strike from Fighter, and Seasoned Hunter from Jungle
Credit: ONE Esports

You have different selections for emblems depending on your playstyle.

Pick Assassin emblem if you want to heavily deal damage. Put points in Agility for movement speed, and Invasion for physical penetration. Select Killing Spree as your primary talent for HP regeneration and extra movement speed whenever you kill an enemy hero.

Choose Fighter emblem if you want a mix of damage and defense. Go all-out for Bravery and Invasion for physical attack and penetration, respectively. Take Disabling Strike in the final tier for additional damage when you inflict a slowing effect on your target.

Select Jungle emblem if you want to quickly farm jungle creeps as a jungler. Max out Brutal for extra damage to monsters, and Swift for attack speed. Pick Seasoned Hunter as your key talent for additional damage against the Lord and Turtle, while the damage you receive from them is reduced.

Best build

Mobile Legends Sun guide-pro builds
Credit: ONE Esports

Building attack speed and physical penetration is the way to go for Sun.

Buy Corrosion Scythe and Demon Hunter Sword as your core items. You may add Windtalker if you want to gain more attack speed.

Next, purchase War Axe and Malefic Roar to boost your damage and physical penetration.

Consider investing in a defensive item based on the enemy team’s composition. For physical defense, buy Dominance Ice, Antique Cuirass, or Blade Armor. For magic, get Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor.

If the game goes the distance, having an Immortality can greatly improve your survivability.

The best build for Sun in Mobile Legends

  • Magic Shoes or Tough Boots (select Ice Retribution if you’re a jungler)
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • War Axe
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Dominance Ice
  • Malefic Roar

Easy combos to learn

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Lunar Blessings Sun skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

In the early stages of the game, use either Endless Variety or Swift Exchange followed by Instantaneous Move to poke your enemy, and pressure them out of the lane.

Make sure to summon an illusion first before using Instantaneous Move to maximize your damage.

Once you have Clone Techniques, cast it before engaging in a fight, or after closing in on your target with Swift Exchange. Finish them off with Instantaneous Move and basic attacks.

Disengage from the battle, and dodge enemy attacks using Swift Exchange.

If you have Flicker, use it to chase down enemies or retreat to safety.

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