Mobile Legends: Bang Bang mage hero Odette is known for her devastating damage over time.

She can slow down opponents with Avian Authority, and immobilize them with Blue Nova, perfectly setting up her ultimate, Swan Song.

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Swan Song unleashes immense magic damage per second within a vast circular area, and provides her with a thick shield.

Additionally, she can dash in a certain direction once while channeling her ultimate, allowing her to evade crowd control effects that can interrupt it.

However, she can be effectively countered by heroes with deadly skill combo and multiple CC abilities.

Three strong hero counters to Odette in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Kadita is one of the mage heroes with the most lethal combos in the Land of Dawn.

Moreover, her second skill, Breath of the Ocean boasts an airborne effect capable of stopping Odette’s ultimate. She is also great with the Petrify battle spell, which can interrupt Swan Song as well.

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As Kadita, wait for her to cast Swan Song. Once she does, approach her using Ocean Ode, then immobilize her and cancel her ultimate with Petrify.

Follow up with Breath of the Ocean and Rough Waves to burst her down.

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If Kadita is not available, Vale and Aurora stand as viable mage alternatives, for they also possess CC spells that can render Swan Song ineffective and set up their fatal combos.


With his lethal combo, assassin hero Saber can swiftly eliminate squishy targets, including Odette.

Furthermore, his point-targeted ultimate, Triple Sweep, can easily interrupt Odette’s Swan Song thanks to its airborne effect.

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Once she activates Swan Song, unleash your full combo to eliminate her.

Initiate by casting Orbiting Swords, followed by Charge to narrow the gap against her. Finish her off with Triple Sweep.


Chou is a solid pick against Odette due to his exceptional skill set and versatility.

This fighter hero possesses two abilities capable of stopping Swan Song: Jeet Kune Do and The Way of Dragon, both of which have airborne effects. Additionally, he can dodge the immobilizing effect of Blue Nova using Shunpo.

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To start your assault, use the first two casts of Jeet Kune Do followed by Shunpo to close in on her. Hit her with the third strike of Jeet Kune Do to knock her up, interrupting her ultimate.

Using The Way of Dragon, kick her towards your teammates or an allied turret to slay her.

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If you’re playing as tank Chou, invest in Radiant Armor to mitigate her magic DPS output.

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