Apex Legends is a looter-shooter that offers high-octane action and a wide selection of futuristic weapons.

Follow our guide for the best guns in Apex Legends in Season 21 and know what makes them strong in today’s meta.

The battle royale has had tons of gun updates in its 6-year run. While these kept the game fresh, it’s tough to know which firearms are still viable, especially if you’re a returning player.

Best guns in Apex Legends Season 21


Best guns in Apex Legends -- Prowler
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Strong burst with surprising accuracy, Season 21’s Prowler is near the top of the list of great secondaries. On top of that, it packs a punch at close range, making it excellent for finishing cracked opponents.

EVA-8 Auto

Best guns in Apex Legends -- EVA-8
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The EVA-8 deals insane damage compared to last season, and it’s fairly easy to come across, making it one of the best guns in Apex.

It’s hard to turn down a shotgun with this much fire rate. And it is so beginner-friendly, that you can just stick to shooting from the hip.

Devotion LMG

Best guns in Apex Legends -- Devotion
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Care package weapons undoubtedly earn spots on our list, with the first being the gold rifle of the season.

The Devotion LMG sports an incredibly high fire rate and enough bullets to take down a squad with one magazine. It’s also extremely dangerous from any range, so pick your fights if the enemy has one.  


Best guns in Apex Legends -- Peacekeeper
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Best shotgun for any close-quarters scuffle, the best shield remover, and the perfect secondary in any season. There’s a reason why you always see this gun from pro-play matches to regular lobbies.

Not only can the “PK” down a target point-blank in three shots, but it also trumps the Mastiff – another heavy-hitter – because it doesn’t need a shotgun bolt.


Best guns in Apex Legends -- Hemlock
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Despite its Season 20 nerfs, the Hemlok stays formidable in close to mid-range firefights. The recoil is easy to control, and it doesn’t slow you down as much.

If you find a good barrel attachment for your Hemlok, expect to be one of the last teams standing.


Best guns in Apex Legends -- Havoc
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Energy weapons take a backseat suring a meta change, but if running them is your thing, pick the Havoc. Despite Energy ammo, this rifle is always worth holding on to.

It replaces some range for insane hip-fire damage, even without a turbocharger. And can shred armor like a beast!

And that wraps up our full list of the best guns in Apex. Make sure to grab these the first chance you get, whether that be from a crate, or your enemy’s corpse.

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