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There are few heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang who can match the sheer power that Martis, the Ashura King has in the early stages of the game.

The fighter can take over from the get-go because of his potent offensive arsenal. Mortal Coil and Ashura Aura allow him to control the lane and clear camps with ease, and the Ashura Wrath passive, which tremendously boosts his Attack Speed after each skill use, turns him into an unstoppable war machine.

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This ability allows him to swipe at enemies at blistering speed and melt their HP bars — a proper build-up for his Decimation ultimate.

While the Ashura King’s skill kit enables him to dominate the battlefield, the hero reaches his true ceiling when you equip items that complement his aggressive playstyle and amplify his damage-dealing prowess.

Here are the best items you can go for when playing Martis.

The 3 best items for Martis in Mobile Legends

Hunter Strike

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Attack equipment Hunter Strike
Credit: ONE Esports

Hunter Strike kicks Martis’ early to mid-game power spike up a notch.

The item brings additional Physical Attack, Physical Penetration, and Cooldown Reduction benefits, which tremendously increase the Ashura King’s kill potential. This means that you’ll be able to use his offensive abilities more frequently and deal more damage at the same time.

The benefit compounds since the more times his skills are activated, the more Attack Speed he gets due to his Ashura Wrath passive.

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More than the inherent gains, the item also has a unique passive called Retribution which improves the hero’s movement speed for a duration after hitting a target or creeps for a certain number of times. This makes this piece of equipment an excellent first item choice when playing Martis as a jungler.

Blade of Despair

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Attack equipment Blade of Despair
Credit: ONE Esports

While Blade of Despair is usually acquired in the later stages of the game for most heroes, it can provide massive benefits for Martis if you get it as your third or fourth item.

Blade of Despair boosts the Ashura King’s physical attack power massively, allowing him to deliver excruciating damage that can make even sturdy tanks and fighters wince.

But what makes the item a superb choice for an aggressive fighter like Martis is its unique passive, Despair. It increases the hero’s physical attack damage by a percentage for a few seconds after attacking enemies below a defined HP percentage.

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This synergizes perfectly with the hero’s ultimate skill, Decimate, which deals True Damage to enemies below the same defined HP percentage.

Malefic Roar

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Attack equipment Malefic Roar
Credit: ONE Esports

Double down on Martis’ damage-dealing prowess by acquiring Malefic Roar.

Aside from the significant boost in Physical Attack and Physical Penetration, the item’s unique passive, Armor Buster gives the hero additional Physical Penetration for each point of the enemy’s Physical Defense when engaging them.

This means that even sturdy fighters and tanks with armor items will have problems dealing with the fighter, as the hero is capable of dealing a substantial amount of damage to them.

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Building Malefic Roar in conjunction with other damage-enhancing items like Blade of Despair and Hunter Strike can create a deadly combination, transforming Martis into an unstoppable force.

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