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When talking about marksmen in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Brody is second to none in terms of raw attack power. While having a slower Attack Speed compared to others in his class, his Basic Attacks are vicious, allowing him to deal massive damage and dominate his lane.

Bulkier tanks and fighters are not exempt from his brutal attacks. His passive skill, Abyss Corrosion, packs each of his Basic Attacks with additional physical damage equivalent to a certain percentage of the enemy’s maximum HP. This allows him to chip away at enemies’ HP bars easily.

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Then again, the Lone Star can only reach his full potential when built with the right set of equipment.

That is why when playing as the marksman, you must equip your hero with the best items that amplify his damage output and address his vulnerabilities, thereby maximizing what you can offer in the game.

Brody’s core items in Mobile Legends

Blade of the Heptaseas

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang equipement Blade of the Heptaseas on Brody background
Credit: ONE Esports

The Blade of Heptaseas is an excellent first item choice for Brody. Its stats and unique passive synergizes well with the hero’s abilities, enhancing damage output and providing you with a bit of extra survivability.

This piece of equipment provides a generous boost in Physical Attack, Physical Penetration, and HP, strengthening both your offense and defense.

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But the real game-changer lies in the item’s unique passive, Ambush, which allows you to deal extra physical damage (which increases with level) to a target if no damage is taken or dealt within a few seconds.

This meshes perfectly with the most effective tactics on Brody in the early game — ambush enemies, then hit-and-run.

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If you want to have your opposing laner reeling back to their side of the map, wait in the bushes and incinerate him when he gets near. Brody’s skill kit allows you to unleash tremendous damage, and the Blade of the Heptaseas will only give your Basic Attacks with more venom during the ambush.

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When employing a hit-and-run tactic, engage with Corrosive Strike, apply Abyss Corrosion, and then retreat. After waiting for the Blade of Heptaseas’ passive to activate, re-engage to deal maximum damage.

Malefic Roar

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang equipement Malefic Roar on Brody background
Credit: ONE Esports

Your Brody item build should not be completed without the Malefic Roar.

It is a powerful piece of equipment that provides Physical Attack and Physical Penetration. Its primary benefit is its unique passive, Armor Buster, which increases physical penetration by a certain percentage for a short duration after using a skill.

This item aligns perfectly with your abilities, particularly Abyss Impact, which reduces physical defense. When combined with the physical penetration from Malefic Roar, you can deal substantial damage, especially against tanky opponents.

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Moreover, Armor Buster’s activation upon skill use fits well with Brody’s hit-and-run tactics, making your attacks even more lethal.

To harness the full power of the item, try to always engage with Abyss Impact or Corrosive Strike. By then, you can take advantage of the increased physical penetration to deal heavy damage using Basic Attacks.

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Additionally, remember that Brody’s ultimate, Torn-Apart Memory, can catch multiple enemies off-guard and deal massive damage, further amplified by the Armor Buster passive.

Wind of Nature

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang equipement Wind of Nature on Brody background
Credit: ONE Esports

While you can be a force to be reckoned with in the Land of Dawn, your hero has one distinct weakness like others in his class — survivability. This is where Wind of Nature can be extremely useful.

The item’s unique passive, Wind Chant, grants immunity to all physical damage for a few seconds when your HP drops below a certain percentage.

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When engaged by high-burst physical damage heroes, Wind of Nature’s activation can provide a crucial window for you to either retaliate or escape.

The item also packs additional Physical Attack, Attack Speed, and Lifesteal, which elevates your survivability even more.

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