It is easy to see why Leomord is a favorite pick. He’s someone who lets players take an aggressive approach in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

The fighter has a unique ability to dish out insane amounts of damage when he mounts Barbiel, his Phantom Steed. In his mounted state, he has the capability to attack while moving, making him a lethal chase and burst hero.

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While a terrifying enemy to go against, Leomord is not without weakness. In fact, there are several heroes in the Land of Dawn that can not only deal with his damage-dealing prowess, but render him ineffective throughout the game.

These heroes have abilities to counter Leomord in Mobile Legends


Whether you play him as a roamer or as a laner, Chou can cause all sorts of problems for Leomord.

Jeet Kune Do and ultimate, The Way of Dragon, can disrupt the Sworn Sword’s momentum and control his movements.

Meanwhile, Shunpo not only helps you to dodge the enemy fighter’s attacks, but also provides you with extra protection.

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When using Chou, use Jeet Kune Do when Leomord is charging Momentum to disrupt his channeling, and Shunpo when he tries to engage you with Decimation Assault.

When he mounts Phantom Steed, time The Way of Dragon to kick him away from Barbiel’s path so that he can’t complete the mount. When successful, you would’ve impaired his mobility and diminished his damage-dealing capability.

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Among the tank heroes in the game, Khufra is undoubtedly one of the best heroes you can use to counter Leomord in Mobile Legends.

More than your innate durability, your crowd control abilities can also be a nightmare for the damage-heavy fighter. You can use Tyrant’s Revenge and Bouncing Ball abilities to interrupt his attack sequences and limit his movements on the map, delaying his scaling.

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When he activates Phantom Steed, time Tyrant’s Rage to swipe him away from Barbiel’s path. Without his mount, he will have limited mobility and will be left vulnerable to attacks.

To be more effective in countering Leomord, it’s best to build items such as Blade Armor and Antique Cuirass to increase your survivability.

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Another way to beat Lemord in the game is to isolate him and take him down quickly, and no hero can do this better than Kaja.

Even when you are working on a damage and durability disadvantage, your abilities can make him a sitting duck.

When you time Divine Judgement correctly, you can pull the Sworn Sword away from his allies and leave him exposed to your team’s focused fire.

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But his ultimate is not the only reason why Kaja is a good hero choice against the lethal fighter. You can also pace the laning stage and zone the fighter out using Ring of Order, dealing damage and slowing him down.

When using Kaja, always try to ambush Leomord, isolating him from his team. Use the bushes and be ready to trigger Divine Justice when he gets near you. You can also try using a Flicker and ultimate combo.

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