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Jungle Baxia’s popularity in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang isn’t accidental.

The Mystic Tortoise’s extraordinary mobility alongside his durability makes him an excellent hero choice for controlling objectives and pacing the game.

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His Baxia Mark passive reduces enemy damage dramatically, while his Baxia-Shield Unity ability allows him to retract to a wheel and rotate quickly around the map. This makes him a constant threat in the lanes and a formidable presence during team fights, capable of soaking up damage while his teammates focus on dealing it.

But to fully leverage the power of jungle Baxia’s abilities, it’s crucial to understand the best items to equip him in the game.

The 3 best items to buy for jungle Baxia

Cursed Helmet

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang equipment Cursed Helmet on jungler heroes background
Credit: ONE Esports

Like most tank junglers in the game, jungle Baxia benefits greatly from having Cursed Helmet. This item offers additional HP and Magic Resistance, boosting your survivability against magic damage dealers.

But what sets the Cursed Helmet apart is its unique passive ability, Burning Soul. This powerful ability inflicts a percentage of your max HP as magic damage per second to enemies nearby.

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Since you’ll frequently find yourself roaming the jungle or on the frontline in team fights, your Burning Soul passive ensures swift camp clear and consistent damage contribution during skirmishes.

Make this item your utmost priority in your build route. Ensure you acquire at least a Molten Essence, a prerequisite to the Cursed Helmet, to further enhance your jungle clear as it also carries the Burning Soul passive.

Guardian’s Helmet

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang equipment Guardians Helmet on jungler heroes background
Credit: ONE Esports

While extremely durable, jungle Baxia can be taken down by heroes who can deal True Damage like Karrie or Alpha. As such, boosting your HP as much as you can will let you survive for longer against these heroes.

When it comes to health boosts and defensive stats, few items can compare to what Guardian’s Helmet can provide. Not only does it give your jungle Baxia a major HP boost, but it also offers consistent health regeneration.

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This is thanks to the item’s unique passive ability called Recovery.

After engaging in a skirmish, retreat to the safety of the jungle and allow the Guardian’s Helmet passive to restore your health.

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As the mid-game approaches and team fights become more frequent, this item becomes even more valuable. It allows you to regain your health between encounters, allowing you to engage, recover, and contest objectives like the Turtle or Lord.

Additionally, pairing the Guardian’s Helmet with the Cursed Helmet enhances its efficiency. With higher total HP, you can unleash greater magic damage per second from the Burning Soul ability.

Radiant Armor or Athena’s Shield

Mobile Legends defensive items Athena's Shield and Radiant Armor
Credit: ONE Esports

You should never complete your jungle Baxia item build without either the Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor.

These essential items will vastly improve your effectiveness on the frontlines by providing valuable Magic Defense stats.

Carefully consider the enemy team composition and the type of magic damage they deal to make the right choice between Athena’s Shield and Radiant Armor.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang defensive equipment Athena's Shield
Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports
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If you’re facing heroes who deal high burst Magic Damage, go for Athena’s Shield. If you’re up against heroes who deal damage over time, Radiant Armor will be your best bet.

By making a strategic decision, you can enhance your performance and meet any challenge head-on.

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