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If you’re fond of heroes who excel in the late game, Cecilion is one of the few mages who fit that description.

He gets stronger the more max mana he has in the game. What’s unique about him is that his max mana increases every time he hits an enemy with his skills.

If the Cecilion player plays his cards right in the early game and frequently lands his skills, he’ll be able to burst down enemy heroes in the late game with ease.

That said, the easiest way to shut him down is during the laning phase. You’ll also want to end the game before he accumulates enough stacks to one-shot enemy heroes. It’s a tough challenge — so here are three recommended heroes you can use.

3 effective heroes to use against Cecilion in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Mobile Legends: Bang Bnag hero, Gusion
Credit: Moonton

Cecilion heavily relies on his skills, Bat Impact, and Sanguine Claws, to set up successful team fights. The problem with both these skills is that they require precise timing to land perfectly, especially Sanguine Claws’ stun. That’s where Gusion comes in.

Gusion is a very nimble hero who’s hard to pin down, especially if the opposing team doesn’t have a single-target stun ability.

Once Gusion lands his dagger, Cecilion has no choice but to fall back or accept his demise. It only gets worse once Gusion gets his core items, as one combo can decimate the Embrace of Night in a blink of an eye.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Chou
Credit: Moonton

A great Chou player can counter almost any Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, including Cecilion.

Facing off against Chou in the midlane can be very worrisome for mage heroes without mobility skills, for he can quickly close the gap with Jeet Kune Do, and deal a killing blow with The Way of the Dragon. Chou can also use Shunpo to negate any crowd control effects.

Building offensive items such as Hunters Strike or Blade of Despair is recommended if you want to get ahead in the laning phase.

If Cecilion somehow gets an early lead in the game, build Athena’s Shield right after your first offensive item to mitigate some of his damage.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Harley
Credit: Moonton

Harley is an assassin who can go in and out of a fight quickly, which is why his skills are useful against Cecilion in the midlane.

Harley can cast Space Escape to close the gap, followed by Deadly Magic, then Poker Trick to deal a ton of damage. It’s a guaranteed kill if Harley manages to hit all rounds of Poker Trick during Deadly Magic’s duration.

If all else fails, Harley can just cast Space Escape to return to his original location and leave the battle scot-free.

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