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Unlike most marksman heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, who typically rely on initiators in team fights, Ixia sets herself apart by assuming this role.

Her ultimate skill, Full Barrage, bears a resemblance to Yve‘s Real World Manipulation, as it creates an expansive field in front of her that enhances her damage output and abilities significantly.

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Furthermore, once Ixia acquires her core items, she becomes highly resilient, benefitting from substantial healing through basic attacks.

Playing the Arclight Outlaw may be fun, but mastering her is no walk in the park. This comprehensive guide aims to delve into her skills, recommended emblems, battle spells, and emblems to ensure triumph in the Land of Dawn.

Ixia’s skill in Mobile Legends

Passive – Siphon Starlium

Ixia’s Basic Attacks and abilities apply a Starlium Charge to targets on hit. When using a basic attack on an enemy with 2 Starlium Charges, all charges will be consumed to increase her physical damage, while healing her for the same amount of HP.

  • You can see how many stacks an enemy has based on how many energy crystals are hovering on their side.
  • If there are multiple targets with two stacks, the passive will trigger on all targets within range.
  • The passive’s healing capabilities are lessened on creeps and minions.
  • Her enhanced attack also deals crit damage.
  • The marks last five seconds.
  • The passive does not deal critical strike damage, which means it’s best to avoid items that increase critical damage.

Skill 1 – Dual Beam

Ixia fires 2 energy beams on the ground that deals physical damage and slow enemies within a rectangular area while increasing her movement speed for a duration.

  • The movement speed will only be activated if the skill is used on enemy heroes.
  • This is her bread and butter skill and it is useful for clearing minion waves and poking enemy heroes.
  • Since Dual Beam deals damage in a thin, straight line, it’s best to use this with Star Helix so that enemy heroes will be clumped up together for maximum damage.
  • Enemies hit by both beams will take double damage.

Skill 2 – Star Helix

Ixia unleashes a canister of Starlium energy in the target direction and knocks back nearby enemies. After a short delay, the released energy pulls enemies to the middle line and deals physical damage.

  • The skill also has a knockback effect if an enemy hero is too close.
  • The knockback and pull effect of this skill includes a 0.1 second stun.
  • The skill does not work on Lord and Turtle.

Ultimate – Full Barrage

Ixia reassembles her weapon into six smaller weapons, and enters the Barrage state for a period of time. She cannot move in this state, but her basic attacks and skills can hit enemies in a large fan-shaped area in front of her.

In Barrage state, her attack speed is increased, her basic attacks can hit up to six enemy units (prioritizes heroes), and the damage of Siphon Starlium is enhanced.

  • Full Barrage improves the range of Dual Beam and Star Helix.
  • She can’t move during this ultimate but can use Flicker to reposition herself. You can also cancel the skill early by clicking the ultimate button.
  • This skill also reveals enemies hidden in the bush or camouflaged.
  • This skill cannot be stopped by crowd control, so beware not to prematurely end the skill if you see an enemy initiator nearby.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Ixia in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Recommended battle spell

Flicker and Aegis battle spells in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

Flicker is the most advantageous selection for Ixia since she lacks mobility skills. This battle spell will help her position her Full Barrage ability more effectively, as she can use it while the skill is active.

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Alternatively, if you prefer a more cautious approach, Aegis is also a viable option. The additional shield it provides proves highly beneficial in team fights, particularly when facing heroes with high burst damage capabilities.

Recommended emblem set and talents

Recommended emblem and talent set for Ixia in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

The Marksman emblem is the most suitable choice for her due to its 15% increase in attack speed. This boost enables her to activate her passive ability more frequently.

When it comes to talents, it is advisable to select Swift for an additional 10% attack speed. Furthermore, opting for Bargain Hunter is crucial for Ixia’s success as she heavily depends on equipment.

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The talent offers a 5% discount on all items, addressing this concern effectively.

Lastly, you should prioritize Weakness Finder as the final talent. This choice grants her basic attacks a slow effect, which proves beneficial not only during regular attacks but also when using her Full Barrage ability.

Best build for Ixia

Best build for marksman hero Ixia in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

To maximize Ixia’s passive during team fights, it is recommended to prioritize attack speed items such as Corrosion Scythe and Demon Hunter Sword. These items will enable her to trigger her passive more frequently, increasing her overall damage output.

Next, buy Wind of Nature if the enemy team predominantly consists of heroes with physical damage. Alternatively, opt for Rose Gold Meteor if two or more enemy heroes primarily deal magic damage.

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Blade of Despair is a strong choice for Ixia due to her passive ability, Starlium Siphon, which scales with physical attack.

If you find yourself dominating the match, go for Malefic Roar to enhance your physical penetration, thereby further increasing your damage potential.

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However, if you are falling behind in the game, it is advisable to adopt a more defensive playstyle and consider items like Immortality or Winter Truncheon to improve survivability.

Best build for Ixia

  • Swift Boots
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Blade of Despair
  • Wind of Nature
  • Malefic Roar

Easy combos to learn

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During the laning phase, be aggressive and focus on activating your passive ability against the enemy marksman as frequently as possible.

Once you reach level four, wait for your teammates to initiate a team fight before activating your ultimate ability, Full Barrage.

It’s important to note that Ixia is vulnerable while using her ultimate, so ensure that you have Flicker available in case an enemy hero attempts to burst you down.

The best combo in team fights is to first activate Full Barrage, followed by Dual Beam and Star Helix. Use them on priority targets such as the marksman or jungler. After that, use your auto attack to finish the job.

By using your skills on important targets first, they will be the first ones to receive the Siphon Starlium damage and will be the first to perish in the team fight.

The key strategy is to always follow up each skill with a basic attack to maximize the activation of Siphon Starlium.

Avoid using Full Barrage when your other two skills are on cooldown, as their cooldowns do not reset once the ultimate is activated.

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