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Whether you base it on appearance or what he can do on the battlefield, Terizla is easily one of the most intimidating figures in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The fighter, outside of his mammoth frame, is both durable and lethal thanks to his incredibly balanced skill kit.

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His passive ability, Body of Smith, reduces the damage he takes by a significant percentage, allowing him to be an effective frontline hero. His Execution Strike and Revenge Strike abilities allow him to control his targets with ease, slowing down them down and inflicting significant damage.

But what truly makes him a constant threat is his ultimate, Penalty Zone, which can instantly turn the tides of battle. When activated, he jumps to a target area and smashes enemies down to inflict Physical Damage and slow effects, and pull them for a duration.

While his skill kit readily makes him a dependable hero pick, there are items in the game that can amplify his overall impact. The best items that you can buy for Terizla boost his durability and enable his skill-based damage.

The 3 best items to boost Terizla’s impact in Mobile Legends

Dominance Ice

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang defense equipment Dominance Ice
Credit: ONE Esports

One item you should not go without when using Terizla is Dominance Ice, and here’s why.

This item is essentially designed for tank roamers, but its benefits extend well beyond this role. Dominance Ice provides a huge increase in Mana and Physical Defense, with a slight boost in Movement Speed.

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As Terizla, the increased mana allows you to use your skills more frequently while the added physical defense bolsters your survivability. This effectively increases your presence in the lane and boosts your zoning ability. The slight boost in movement speed also helps mitigate your mobility issues.

But the most important reason why Terizla benefits from this piece of equipment lies in the item’s two unique passives. Lifebane reduces the shield and HP Regen of nearby heroes, while Arctic Cold reduces their Attack Speed.

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These debuffs are incredibly synergistic with your close-ranged abilities, allowing you to fully exploit Dominance Ice’s passive. More than that, this increases your potency versus high HP Regen or Spell Vamp heroes like Yu Zhong, Uranus or Dyrroth.


As Terizla, you are expected to be either zoning enemies or wreaking havoc in the heart of team fights. In the process, there are times that you may find yourself out of position and in the mercy of enemy damage dealers.

This is where Immortality can prove its worth as one of the best items for your hero.

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Other than the huge increase in HP and Physical Defense, its unique passive ability is really what you’re after. Upon being taken down, the item’s passive, Immortal, allows you to be revived after a few seconds along with a shield that equal to a certain percentage of your total HP.

This means that even if you find yourself isolated by the enemy team, Immortality buys time for your teammates to retaliate. More than that, It allows you to play more aggressively, knowing you have a safety net if things go south.

Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor

Mobile Legends defensive items Athena's Shield and Radiant Armor
Credit: ONE Esports

After boosting your Physical Defense with Dominance Ice, and eventually, Immortality, it’s best to purchase either Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor.

Practically, getting either of the two items allows you to do your work better in the frontlines, as the items’ Magic Defense stats ensure that you can man up against Magic Damage dealers.

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But remember, the choice between Athena’s Shield and Radiant Armor should be made based on the enemy team composition and the type of magic damage they deal.

If you’re dealing with high burst Magic Damage, Athena’s Shield would be the better choice. In contrast, if you’re up against Magic Damage dealt over time (damage per second), Radiant Armor would be more beneficial.

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