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If you’re looking for a support hero who never goes out of the meta, Diggie is it.

What makes this hero one of the best roamer in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is his ability to remove all crowd control effects. At the same time, he grants a shield and crowd control immunity to allies.

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He can plant multiple bombs around him, making him one of best support heroes who aids marksmen in the gold lane.

Here’s an extensive ONE Esports guide to help you master the Land of Dawn’s Timekeeper.

Diggie’s skills in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Passive – Young Again

Upon death, Diggie turns back to egg form, in which he can continue to move around and not be targeted.

  • In egg form, follow assassins or nimble heroes so that your allies can more easily track them down and avoid potential ganks.
  • It’s important to note that Diggie deals true damage with his skills in egg form. This means you can disrupt enemies from recalling to their base or using Regeneration spells. Use this to your advantage in team fights. Stop them from returning to base when your teammates are split pushing.
  • Be mindful of the duration of the passive and ensure you move to a safe position as you’re about to revive. This is crucial, as enemies can also see your death timer and may attempt to secure an easy kill upon your resurrection.
  • You can use this passive ability for reconnaissance. If you’re near the enemy jungle, peek at their red and purple buffs and ping your jungler if they’re still there so they can attempt a steal.
  • In some situations, sacrificing yourself to become an egg can be beneficial, such as during the Lord Dance. This allows Diggie to freely scout the area around the Lord without becoming a target.

Skill 1 – Auto Alarm Bomb

Diggie flings an owl alarm to the target location that automatically reacts to and chases the first enemy in range.

  • The skill has a duration of 25 seconds, making it an effective ward to prevent enemy ganks in lanes.
  • Diggie accumulates two stacks of Dangerous Sparks each time this skill hits an enemy hero, and it can stack up to 60 times.
  • The damage of this skill increases by 1% with each stack. However, upon death, Diggie loses half of these stacks.
  • This makes it advantageous to camp in the gold lane and harass the enemy marksman using this skill, allowing you to deal substantial damage even without significant offensive items.
  • A maximum of five bombs can be present on the map. During the early game, you can effectively use them to block chokepoints in bushes to deter potential ganks. In the later stages of the game, placing all five alarms in a single bush can catch enemies off guard and potentially secure a kill.
  • Bombs typically move toward an enemy when they are in range. However, they can detonate prematurely if the enemy has already bridged a considerable distance, which can make it challenging to catch mobile heroes like Fanny or Ling.

Skill 2 – Reverse Time

Diggie marks the target enemy hero and pulls them back to their previous location after the duration ends or when they move out of the circle.

  • This skill has a duration of four seconds and has the additional effect of slowing down enemies. It’s most effective when used on backline heroes, forcing them to absorb the majority of the damage.
  • The most efficient way to utilize this skill is in combination with Auto Alarm Bomb. When casting Reverse Time, place a time bomb near the starting location so that enemies are drawn towards the bomb.
  • Additionally, you can use this skill when escaping from an enemy hero.
  • Keep in mind that the damage from this skill can be mitigated by Winter Truncheon. Take note of this when targeting a hero equipped with this item.
  • It’s worth noting that this skill can still pull in enemies, even if they’ve used Flicker.

Ultimate – Time Journey

Diggie grants a shield and control immunity to himself and nearby heroes.

  • This is Diggie’s signature skill and a key reason why he is consistently considered a meta hero. This skill efficiently removes all debuffs from heroes in a large area, including Diggie himself.
  • In addition to clearing crowd control debuffs, this skill provides a shield that scales with magic power.
  • You have the option to use this skill preemptively, as it can remove subsequent debuffs on enemy heroes for three seconds. You can activate this skill even if you are stunned.
  • During team fights, it’s advisable to wait for the enemy team to use their crowd control skills. Prioritize its usage in crucial situations and refrain from using it in non-essential scenarios.
  • This skill synergizes effectively with the Revitalize battle spell. It’s worth noting that Flask of the Oasis procs when this ultimate is used due to the shield it provides.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Diggie in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spells

Flicker and Revitalize, recommended battle spells for Diggie in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

Revitalize synergizes effectively with Time Journey, significantly enhancing the survivability of nearby teammates by providing them with additional healing.

If the opposing team boasts substantial burst damage and high mobility, and you’re going for an offensive build, Flicker becomes the optimal choice.

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Keep in mind that Diggie is a relatively vulnerable hero unless you build defensive items.

Recommended emblems and talents

Recommended emblems for Diggie in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Select the Support Emblem for Diggie as it offers increased cooldown reduction and movement speed. This choice can also enhance the effectiveness of Revitalize by providing additional healing effects.

In terms of talents, opt for Agility to boost movement speed and choose Pull Yourself Together for reducing the cooldown of both your battle spell and active items.

Regarding his core talent, you have two options. If you’re pursuing an offensive item build, Impure Rage is a suitable choice.

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However, if you prefer a more supportive role, the best option is Pull Yourself Together, which amplifies the damage dealt to an enemy hero by allies after you’ve attacked them.

Diggie best build

Best build for Diggie in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

You have two options for your item build with Diggie: a damage-oriented build or a defensive one.

For the offensive build, start with Enchanted Talisman so that you’ll receive a consistent mana supply throughout the game. Afterward, focus on offensive magic items such as Necklace of Durance, Divine Glaive, Lightning Truncheon, and Holy Crystal.

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On the other hand, if you’re new to Diggie, it’s advisable to go for a defensive item build. Begin with Flask of the Oasis to enhance healing effects when using Revitalize or Time Journey.

Following that, consider items like Antique Cuirass, Brute Force Breastplate, or Blade Armor if the enemy team primarily deals physical damage. If the enemy has more magic damage heroes, opt for Oracle, Athena’s Shield, or Radiant Armor.

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Additionally, it’s crucial to prioritize Fleeting Time for the ultimate cooldown reduction. This allows you to use your ultimate more frequently in team fights.

Best build for Diggie in Mobile Legends

  • Magic Shoes (Encourage enchantment)
  • Flask of the Oasis
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Fleeting Time
  • Dominance Ice

Easy combos to learn

Fairytaler Diggie skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Start by following your jungler until you reach level four.

However, if the enemy has a marksman without mobility skills, it’s best to stay in the gold lane to assist your marksman. When you work together to harass the enemy gold laner, your team will gain an early advantage.

While in the lane, use Reverse Time and Auto Alarm Bomb to wear them down and push them back toward their tower. You can also strategically place bombs in nearby bushes to prevent potential ganks.

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During team fights, be sure to save your Time Journey ability for when an enemy with area-of-effect crowd control initiates the fight.

Additionally, it’s advisable to plant bombs around the bushes whenever your teammates are attempting to secure the Lord or Turtle objectives.

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