Just how important are strong early game heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

Experienced and professional MLBB players often emphasize the significance of the early game in determining the outcome of a match.

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Getting a lead during this phase allows players to dictate the tempo of the game within the first five minutes, providing an opportunity to snowball and establish a substantial lead over opponents as the game progresses.

To excel in the early game, it is crucial to select heroes who are strong even without their core items yet.

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Bruno stands out as one of the most formidable early game heroes in Mobile Legends.

His Mecha Legs passive provides a significant 20% crit chance, allowing him to deal substantial damage even without crit chance items during the laning phase.

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Credit: ONE Esports
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Adding to his early game strength, Bruno’s first skill, Valley Shot, further amplifies his basic attacks. This skill not only enhances his damage but also has the potential to quickly take down enemy squishy heroes, particularly when his passive is at full stacks.


Hilda excels as a roaming hero, particularly effective against jungle assassin foes.

Her strength lies in the Blessing of the Wilderness, her passive ability that grants healing and a shield when she’s in a bush. This unique trait empowers her to invade the enemy jungle with ease, disrupting the rotation of opposing assassin junglers.

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Credit: ONE Esports
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The 3 best heroes to counter Hilda in Mobile Legends

Adding to her prowess, Hilda’s second skill, Art of Hunting, delivers substantial damage even at level one.

With a well-coordinated team, she can secure first blood effortlessly, providing a significant early game advantage.

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Hilda’s innate tankiness and potent damage capabilities before reaching level four establish her as one of the most formidable offensive roamers in the game.


Natalia excels as a roamer due to her Assassin Instinct passive, providing invisibility that makes it hard for the enemy team to detect your presence.

This is particularly advantageous when facing vulnerable junglers or immobile gold laners. Natalia can swiftly eliminate targets and escape before the enemy team can counter-attack or protect their carries.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Deadly Mamba Natalia skin wallpaper with link to best hero counters to her
Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports
The 3 best heroes to counter Natalia in Mobile Legends

Her second skill, Smoke Bomb, adds to her survivability by granting immunity to basic attacks for a whopping four seconds.

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For players favoring an aggressive, stealthy playstyle focused on invading the enemy jungle and eliminating backline threats discreetly, Natalia is an optimal pick.

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