Johnson, one of the most entertaining heroes to play in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is getting a major revamp.

In the much-awaited second phase of the Project NEXT update set to be launched this month, Moonton Games introduces a new Johnson ultimate mechanic that promises a dynamic gameplay experience for the famous tank hero.

This new Johnson ultimate will open up insane combos in MLBB

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Johnson
Credit; Moonton Games

Johnson‘s ultimate, Rapid Touchdown, is one of the abilities that is completely unique to Mobile Legends, enabling him to transform into a car and bring along an ally with him during the ride.

In the upcoming update, the new Johnson ultimate continues to make space for one teammate to enter the car, but here’s the catch — they can jump in anytime, even while he is moving across the map.

Here’s the new skill description for Rapid Touchdown:

Johnson transforms into a car, accelerating over time. An allied hero can board the car during the acceleration phase, however there is a waiting state upon activation of the Ultimate (prior to accelerating).Johnson immediately gains acceleration upon activation of his Ultimate 
Once Johnson starts driving and gets within 20 yards of his team mates, team mates will receive notification such as, “Johnson is [x] m away from you.”
When Johnson is within 6 yards from his team mates, the notification will turn into a button, and party members are required to tap the button to get into the car.


If Johnson is your party member, there will be an option for you to notify the player, including the message: “Calling Johnson for a ride.”

If the enemy team is using Johnson, there will be a message to notify you that: “Johnson is approaching, watch out.”

The anticipated skill rework is expected to open up numerous skill combinations with different heroes that will elevate the Mustang’s gameplay in the Land of Dawn.

Players can look forward to the new Johnson ultimate along with animation improvements to his other skills in future patches as part of the Project NEXT update.

More changes in Project NEXT 2023

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang new logo with Project NEXT 2021 heroes as background
Credit: Moonton Games, ONE Esports

Moonton Games will also roll out a new Mobile Legends logo for the game’s seventh anniversary. They’ve also added revamped Lolita’s abilities, and graphic and skill upgrades to three other Eruditio heroes, namely Layla, X.Borg, and Bruno, as well as one non-Eruditio hero, Miya.

Moreover, a comprehensive overhaul of the MLBB user interface is coming to provide an even more immersive gaming experience for all the players.

The new main screen UI will enable players to interact with a seasonal hero of their choice, though limited to the aforementioned heroes from Eruditio for the upcoming season.

New seasonal heroes will be made available in subsequent patches.

Additionally, players can expect reduced packaged resources for smoother gameplay, enhanced multi-threading, and improved technical performance.

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