Valentina is one of the most picked mage heroes in ranked and professional Mobile Legends: Bang Bang games.

What makes her a dangerous opponent is her ultimate, I Am You. It lets her copy the ultimate ability and basic attack of an enemy for a certain duration.

Her passive, Primal Force, grants her EXP every time she damages a hero. Shadow Strike deals hefty damage and terrifies opponents, while Arcane Shade allows her to dash twice and reduce the cooldown of Shadow Strike.

Valentina is, however, vulnerable to heroes who have gap closers. She’s also less effective against heroes who possess ultimates that don’t necessarily benefit her when copied.

Three strong counters to Valentina in Mobile Legends


Deadly Mamba Natalia skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Natalia can kill squishy heroes in an instant.

Utilize the conceal state from Assassin Instinct and try to be unpredictable by moving from bush to bush. Find the right timing when to strike Valentina. Use Hero Lock Mode to ensure you target her.

Silence her with the enhanced basic attack from Assassin Instinct then finish her off with another attack from The Hunt. Escape using Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb.

Alternatively, you can pick Helcurt if Natalia is not available.

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Dimension Walker Gusion wallpaper official splashart
Credit: Moonton

Gusion is another great assassin to counter Valentina. Similar to Natalia, he can burst her down with his deadly combo.

Execute his Shadowblade Slaughter-Sword Spike combo, then repeat it after using Incandescence. You can also opt for an easier one, which is Shadowblade Slaughter-Incandescence-Shadowblade Slaughter-Sword Spike.

Copying Incandescence is almost useless, as it doesn’t reset the cooldown of her other skills, giving her only the blink and dash abilities.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang starlight skin, Rainy Walk Kagura
Credit: Moonton

If you want a mid matchup against Valentina, look no further than Kagura. She has a gap closer, crowd control, and burst damage in her skill set.

Slow her with Seimei Umbrella Open then cast Yin Yang Overturn. Use Seimei Umbrella Open again to reposition the umbrella near her. Once she gets pulled in, stun her with Rasho Umbrella Flee and use the initial form of Yin Yang Overturn.

When all your skills are on cooldown, take a breather and make space for yourself using Rasho Umbrella Flee. If she survives, finish her off with Flameshot. Don’t worry if she copies you because she can only use one form of Yin Yang Overturn.

Kagura’s combo can be challenging to execute. Practice it first in Hero Training or in AI mode before moving to classic or ranked games.

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