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If there’s one hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that can kill an enemy with a single attack, it’s Aldous. That’s why he is one of the most popular fighters in the Land of Dawn.

The infinite scaling of his physical damage is made possible by his first skill, Contract: Soul Steal, which enhances his basic attack. Every minion, creep, or hero killed permanently increases the damage of this ability.

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By using his Contract: Chase Fate ultimate, he can target any enemy hero he wants across the map. His other skill, Contract: Explosion, helps him in pursuit of prey, or conversely, get out of sticky situations.

But like all heroes in the game, the Soul Contractor has weaknesses. These three heroes can definitely stop him in his tracks.

Best counters to Aldous in Mobile Legends


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Argus can match up against Aldous even when the game goes the distance. His ultimate, Eternal Evil, removes debuffs and grants him immunity to death, with the the chance to regain full health at the end of its four-second duration.

If he uses Chase Fate on you, wait for him to knock you back before popping Eternal Evil. Naturally, he will try to run away, so be ready to pull him back with Demonic Grip.

You can ask your ally with a strong crowd control to hold him down while you slash him with your fast auto attacks.


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Nana’s various disables can disrupt Aldous’ attempt to kill.

Whenever he casts Chase Fate, use Molina Smooch near his target.

This will turn him into a slow-moving animal as soon as he lands, preventing him from hitting with his Soul Steal, while allowing your allies to gang up on him. Cast the Molina Blitz ultimate on his path if he tries to escape.

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If he targets you with his ultimate, just put Molina Smooch beside you or in the area where you intend to run. You can build Winter Truncheon for extra safety when Molina Smooch or Molina’s Gift passive is on cooldown.


Like Argus, Masha is another hero who can counter Aldous in the laning stage and in the late game. She’s the only one in the Land of Dawn who can disarm enemies with Howl Shock.

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Use Howl Shock to prevent him from stacking Soul Steal, then harass him out of the lane with Wild Power’s enhanced basic attacks. Always maintain three HP bars to ensure that you’ll survive his initial punch when he targets you with Chase Fate.

Cast Thunderclap as soon as possible to deal heavy damage. Cast Howl Shock to stop him from using successive Soul Steal-enhanced attacks in 1v1 situations.

Buy Demon Hunter Sword for lifesteal and physical defense items such as Antique Cuirass and Dominance Ice. A Masha with a full build is still capable of beating an Aldous with 500 stacks.

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