Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fighter hero Argus is known for his incredible endurance in the battlefield.

His ultimate, Eternal Evil, allows him to remove debuffs on himself, become immune to death for a certain duration, and convert all the damage he has dealt to enemies into his health when it ends.

Additionally, his passive, Warmonger, enables him to launch an extra attack when his Demonic Blade is fully charged, and recover HP upon inflicting damage.

He also has a gap-closer in Demonic Grip, and burst damage from Meteoric Sword, making him a formidable foe to anyone in close combat.

However, the Dark Angel can easily fall against enemy heroes with exceptional control abilities, much like the ones listed below.

Three strong hero counters to Argus in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


What makes Akai an excellent counter to Argus is his ultimate, Heavy Spin, which lets him continuously knock enemies back or hold them down.

Once he triggers Eternal Evil, quickly cast Heavy Spin, and push him away to render it ineffective. Alternatively, you can pin him into a nearby wall or allied turret.

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When his ultimate ends, hit him with Headbutt, followed by Body Slam, to stop him from escaping.

Furthermore, purchase Dominance Ice to greatly weaken his attack speed, and the health restoration effect of his passive.

If Akai is not available, consider picking Franco or Kaja, as both can hold down Argus using their ultimate spells that have suppression debuff.

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With his second skill, Ejector, Jawhead can throw enemies to a target location. Hence, he can use it to toss Argus away when casts Eternal Evil, making it useless.

Wait for your opponent to activate his ultimate. Once he does, seize the opportunity to use Ejector and fling him to the skill’s maximum range.

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When his Eternal Evil expires, close the gap against him using Unstoppable Force. Finish him off with Smart Missiles and basic attacks.

Additionally, invest in Hunter Strike to gain a massive boost in your movement speed when you trigger its passive effect, enabling you to run away or chase down the Dark Angel.


Valir is a menace to most melee heroes, including Argus, due to his exceptional kiting capabilities. His unique skill set boasts of stun, slow, and knock back effects.

Moreover, he has a built-in Purify in his ultimate, Vengeance Flame, which also enhances his first two spells.

When Argus tries to approach you using Demonic Grip, cast Vengeance Flame right away to remove the stun, then push him back with Searing Torrent.

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Subsequently, strike him with Burst Fireball repeatedly to slow him down and trigger the stun effect from Ashing. Even if he uses Eternal Evil, he won’t be able to get near you.

Once his ultimate is over, continue using Searing Torrent and Burst Fireball to burn him down.

To further improve your kiting ability, choose Flicker or Sprint as your battle spell. In addition, buy Ice Queen Wand to boost your slowing effect, and Necklace of Durance to reduce Argus’ HP regeneration.

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