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Nana has been one of the favorite heroes for mage users in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang no matter the meta.

She has one of the most annoying skill sets in the Land of Dawn. Her second skill, Molina Smooch can turn an enemy into a slow-moving animal, while her ultimate, Molina Blitz, is a deadly combination of magic burst and area stun.

Her passive ability, Molina’s Gift, allows her to avoid fatal damage, which allows her to escape every two and a half minutes.

But like most mages, the Sweet Leonin is weak against heroes who can narrow the gap and use spells that make them immune to crowd control effects.

Best counters to Nana in Mobile Legends


Tank hero Atlas from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang official wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

If you’re a roamer or tank main, consider picking Atlas when facing Nana. What makes the Ocean Gladiator a great counter to the pesky mage is his second skill, Perfect Match.

You can easily close the distance while being immune to Molina Smooch. After getting close, use Fatal Links to pull her near your allies.

Keep using Perfect Match when her second skill is on the battlefield even if you’re not going for a kill. This will ensure the safety of your teammates, particularly those who are susceptible to magic damage.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Onimaru Saber
Credit: Saber

Assassins are effective against Nana, especially those who have low-cooldown blink or dash skills with instant burst damage, namely Saber.

Buying Blade of Heptaseas is enough to kill or force her Molina’s Gift passive with one combo. Use Orbiting Swords first, then get close with Charge before bursting her down with your Triple Sweep ultimate.

Remember to plan ahead and position well, avoiding her second skill before unleashing your combo.

If her passive activates and she tries to escape, you can chase her down with Charge and finish her off from a distance using the Orbiting Swords. You can also dodge Molina Smooch by using Charge to get far away enough until it disappears after 2.5 seconds.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, Helcurt
Credit: Moonton

Helcurt is another very strong assassin you can use against Nana. Not only does he have a blink and swift burst damage, but he also has a silence ability in his skillset.

As the Shadowbringer is often used as a jungler, make sure you first secure the orange and purple buffs. Then, fully stack Deadly Stinger before ganking Nana.

Cast the Dark Night Falls ultimate first to activate the silence effect from Shadow Transition, which helps you get near and silence her. With two or three core items, you can take her down with Deadly Stinger alone.

You can chase down Nana with the Shadow Transition if her passive goes off. Helcurt’s Race Advantage passive ability also has a silence effect, stopping her from using her combo, should you get caught by her second skill.

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