Blacklist International once again surprised after they swept Omega Esports at the sixth week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League PH Season 7 (MPL).

After Omega Esports banned Granger in game one, which is arguably Wise’s best hero, Blacklist International locked in jungle Aldous, the hero’s first appearance this season.

Playing Aldous in MPL PH

Aldous is a very niche pick in high-rank matches, let alone the MPL PH, for his kit forces him to play passively in the early parts of the game.

However, Blacklist International’s Wise was still able to earn MVP honors in game one with a 3/3/5 KDA.

His high-stacked Soul Steal paired with Courage Mask was enough to mow down the base of Omega Esports in under 15 minutes despite a slow start, putting Blacklist International one up.

Wise picked Aldous for a second time in game two, but it was Kiel “OHEB” Soriano’s Harith who stepped up. OHEB finished with an astounding 6/1/5 KDA against the Carmilla-Cecilion duo of Omega Esports.

The reason behind Blacklist International’s Aldous pick

In a post-match press conference, coach BON CHAN clarified that the Aldous pick was premeditated. The team extensively practiced the strategy for days before the match.

“Since we secured the upper bracket in just five weeks, we were confident to pick something new,” he said.

BON CHAN also clarified that Wise’s decision to build Courage Mask and defensive items on Aldous was a personal choice.

With the win, Blacklist International remains on top of Group B with 27 points. Omega Esports is now tied with Nexplay Esports in second place in the same group with 17 points.

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