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Understanding the best agent comp for Breeze is essential for those looking to gain an edge in their next Valorant ranked session.

In a map as unique and expansive as Breeze, selecting the right agent and optimizing their compensation is pivotal. Breeze’s wide-open spaces, long sightlines, and multiple entryways to the spike sites require a strategic approach.

Full list of Valorant Breeze map guides: Agent tier lists, lineups, smoke spots
Credit: ONE Esports, Riot Games
Full list of Valorant Breeze map guides: Agent tier lists, lineups, smoke spots

We’ll explore the best agents for each class that were tailor-made for Breeze and provide valuable insights to help you gain an advantage over your competitors.

The agent comp for Breeze you should be using

The best duelist on Breeze

Jett and Yoru in ONE Esports featured image for article "The 3 best Valorant agents to counter Jett — stop her in her tracks!"
Credit: ONE Esports, Riot Games
The 3 best Valorant agents to counter Jett — stop her in her tracks!

Jett is the perfect duelist for Breeze because it is an Operator-centric map, and Jett excels as the team’s Op user. A Site, A Halls, Mid, and B Site are spots perfect for an Operator user.

Jett can also use her Cloudburst smoke to create cover for herself when she entries for her team on attack or pushes out on defense.

Valorant's sixth map Breeze
Credit: Riot Games

She could use Updraft to get a better vantage point with an Operator. Her Tailwind can also save her from dangerous positions.

Jett is an agent who can craft strategic maneuvers throughout the map. Given Breeze’s expansive layout, she can utilize her Tailwind ability to traverse obstacles and terrain at the beginning of a round for a quick flank play.

The best initiator on Breeze

While Sova is a solid choice on Breeze, we believe Skye offers greater team value because of her versatile abilities.

Her Guiding Light flash can provide crucial map control by not only blinding enemies and delaying their push but also revealing their positions.

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Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports
Valorant map pool: All maps in the competitive rotation

Additionally, Skye’s Trailblazer is excellent for clearing tight spaces and stunning enemies that decided to hold off angles.

She can further support her team by healing wounded teammates on the field and deploying Seekers to pinpoint the enemy team’s location.

The best sentinel agent on Breeze

Sage and Killjoy are viable picks for Breeze, but Cypher’s ability to leave his Trapwires and Spycam anywhere on the map is highly valuable.

With how the spike sites are designed, he can also slip in and out of defensive locations whenever he needs to by using Cyber Cage.

Make use of this Cypher trapwire spot to hard counter Jett on Ascent

Neutralizing flank plays from attacks, and defenders will be pivotal in Breeze. Out of all the Sentinels in the game, Cypher is best equipped to gather information against the enemy team that doesn’t expose him to danger.

The best controller agents on Breeze

Viper stands out as the top choice for a smoke agent on Breeze, adding significant value to your team composition.

When playing as a defender, Viper’s Toxic Screen wall becomes a formidable obstacle for attackers. Given the narrow entry points at both A and B sites, she can position the wall strategically to obstruct the attackers’ line of sight.

Screenshot of Viper holding gun in cinematic in ONE Esports featured image for article "How to use Viper’s Poison Orb to counter flashes in Valorant"
Credit: ONE Esports
How to use Viper’s Poison Orb to counter flashes in Valorant

Those attempting to breach it will suffer decay damage, making them vulnerable to gunfire. Furthermore, Viper can impede aggressive enemy pushes by using Snake Bite at entry points.

On the offensive side, she excels at blocking defenders’ sightlines at these constricted entry points, facilitating her team’s entry onto the site.

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Credit: Riot Games, ONE Esports
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Additionally, Snake Bite can be used to clear corners effectively or for post plant lineups to secure the round.

Viper’s utlimate also proves invaluable for securing a specific area of the map. Viper’s Pit will discourage the enemy team from approaching the site. It can also be used in post-plant scenarios, transforming Breeze’s open spaces into tight, close-quarters engagements.

An honorable mention for your smoke agent on Breeze is Astra, mainly because to the extensive reach of her Astral Form. She has the unique ability to place her Astral Stars anywhere on the map, regardless of her physical location.

On defense, Astra can effectively stall enemy advances, granting her teammates the opportunity to reposition and respond to attacker movements. On the offensive side, she can assist in uncovering concealed corners using Gravity Well or Nova Pulse.

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Astra’s ultimate will also be a valuable asset on attack as it can be used to deny defenders vision of your movements around the map. It is also a great tool for post plant situations, whether you’re defending or defusing the spike.

The best agents in each class to pick for Breeze

ControllerViper, Harbor, Astra
InitiatorSkye, Sova
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