Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario is currently one of the most celebrated junglers of all time in competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With numerous titles under his belt, he has became a household name in the country alongside his duo partner, Johnmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna.

However, he still received criticism for having a limited hero pool, playing mostly marksman heroes in the jungle.

Utilizing his limited hero pool, he showed that it was enough to win back-to-back MPL PH titles, and eventually the most prestigious MLBB tournament, the M3 World Championship.

This 31st SEA Games, he not only proved that the Philippine representative, Blacklist International, is still the best MLBB team in Southeast Asia, but also that he has evolved beyond his usual marksmen comfort picks.

Wise gets creative with his picks at the 31st SEA Games

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang MPL PH Season 8 UBE strategy with OhMyV33nus and Wise of Blacklist International, Estes in the right side
Credit: Tammy David/Evident and Moonton

During the M3 World Championship in December last year, the 21-year-old’s hero pool consists of Yi Sun-Shin, Barats, Kimmy, and Aldous.

Those four heroes led Blacklist International to its first-ever world championship. After that, the V33Wise duo took a break during MPL PH Season 9.

The duo retuned for the 31st Southeast Asian Games, debuting in pro play for the first time in 2022. Fans noticed that Wise was picking tank heroes that were outside his usual picks, namely, Baxia, Akai, Karina, and Balmond.

The change could be due to the recent rise of the tank jungle meta, but it also showed he’s willingness to step up and adapt to other heroes whenever the need arises. His best game in the tournament was against Myanmar in the group stage, when he took control of the map on Baxia and finished with a perfect 3/0/8 KDA.

From a jungler who was criticized for having a limited hero pool to becoming a world-class Mobile Legends: Bang Bang star, his evolution as Blacklist International’s go-to star is truly one for the books.

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