If you’re a Yi Sun-Shin main who loves sci-fi, you’re in for a treat!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has announced Azure Sentry Yi Sun-shin is next month’s Starlight skin, replacing April’s Rainy Walk Kagura.

Azure Sentry is a great alternative if you missed the chance to obtain his Lone Destructor collector skin. The skin features Yi Sun-shin in a futuristic blue armor complete with a high-tech monocle and an upgraded robotic bow and arrow that looks amazing.

His turtle ship has also been transformed into a high-tech glider equipped with thrusters.

For his abilities, blue streaks now appear on his blade when you use Traceless and the melee form of Blood Floods.

For Blood Floods’ charged version, he now shoots a powerful blue arrow, much like a laser, in a specified direction.

His ultimate, Mountain Shocker, might be the best visual upgrade of all. Instead of the usual cannon attacks that rain down on enemies, Yi Sun-shin now calls on his naval fleet to fire a concentrated beam of laser in an area that explodes once it hits the ground.

Azure Sentry Yi Sun-Shin will be available on May 1.

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