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Since tank Lancelot started to grow in popularity in ranked and pro play, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans wondered what the best Lancelot player thinks about it.

Assassin hero Lancelot has been a long-time favorite in professional play, for he has high mobility and high damage output.

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However, with the rise of the tank jungler meta, an innovation has emerged — tank Lancelot.

This unique style of playing Lancelot was popular in Season 11 and was almost present in every series.

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ECHO’s Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno, a renowned Lancelot player, was asked to comment about in a post-match press conference way back in Season 11. And here’s what he had to say about the trend.

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Echo’s KarlTzy weighs in on the tank Lancelot trend

ECHO Karl "KarlTzy" Nepomuceno at the M4 World Championship
Credit: Moonton

In the post-match press conference following ECHO’s 2-0 sweep against TNC, the two-time world champion was asked if his signature hero would make a comeback now that the tank Lancelot strategy is gaining popularity.

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“It depends. But if I were to play like that, it would be boring because there’s no thrill in playing tank Lancelot,” he said.

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Tank junglers are typically favored in the tank jungler meta for their durability and initiation capabilities, and heroes such as Fredrinn and Akai are often preferred due to their abundance of crowd-control skills that aid the gold laner and midlaner during team fights.

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Credit: ONE Esports, Moonton Games
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However, this is not the case with Lancelot, who lacks any crowd control abilities.

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“It’s ridiculous to watch because I saw it in MDL PH as well,” he added “He keeps dashing, but it’s irritating to watch because he seems to be dealing no damage. It’s like you’re just showing off, and it’s annoying.”

Since then, KarlTzy has learned to appreciate ‘Tankcelot’ and has used the strategy numerous times in pro play.

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