ONIC Esports’ Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol remains grounded despite being one of the most popular Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players.

Hailing from a humble background, he values frugality and puts his hard-earned money toward meaningful investments.

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Knowing his long-term financial security is on track lets him to enjoy the occasional indulgence without guilt.

In an exclusive interview with ONE Esports at the M5 World Championship, the standout jungler disclosed his most expensive personal purchase throughout his MLBB career.

ONIC Esports’ Kairi is not a materialistic person — but this purchase is an exception

ONIC Esports jungler Kairi
Credit: ONIC Esports

According to Kairi, he isn’t using his money extensively at the moment because he has long-term plans in place. “Right now, I’m saving all my money towards building a business,” he shared with ONE Esports.

“I’m not sure what business I want to establish, or whether I will build one in Indonesia or the Philippines.”

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Furthermore, he stated that he sometimes spoils himself, especially after winning a tournament.

One such item that he has bought is a Tissot watch. According to him, it’s the most expensive thing he has purchased.

Though the exact model name slipped his mind, he admitted it was a dream item that has been on his radar since he was young.

“I don’t like spending things for myself even when I was still in the Philippines,” he shared.

“When I receive my salary, I only really save it and only spend it on food. But since I’ve been competing for a long time, I decided to treat myself with this watch,” he added.

Based on its appearance, it is likely a Tissot Gentleman Steel Quartz Bracelet Watch. He mentioned that it cost PHP30,000 (around US$600), which he considered a worthwhile purchase.

As for whether he plans to purchase more, he said he is happy with this one watch.

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