What’s the most effective Bruno counter in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

Bruno is the most picked marksman at the M5 World Championship. He possesses remarkable damage output and lifesteal capabilities.

This extends to ranked play as well. According to MLBB stats, Bruno is the top choice among Mythical Glory players and above.

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However, Blacklist International gold laner Kiel “OHEB Soriano believes Bruno is easy to counter if you play your card rights.

In an exclusive interview with ONE Esports at the M5 World Championship, Blacklist International’s star gold shares how you can deal with him in ranked games.

Here are three effective Bruno counters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ranked play

Pick the right heroes

According to OHEB, countering Bruno involves choosing heroes that have an advantage in the early game, which is when Bruno is most powerful.

“When facing Bruno, go for heroes like Brody or Ixia,” he suggested. “These two can effectively shut him down in the gold lane due to their strong early game damage.”

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Both Brody and Ixia excel in the early stages of the game, thanks to their passives.

Brody’s Abyss Corrosion passive boosts his damage and allows him to move while charging his basic attack.

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Meanwhile, Ixia gains lifesteal with every third hit from her basic attack, making her particularly effective in prolonged fights.

Be aware of his Mecha Legs passive

OHEB said that Bruno’s passive, Mecha Legs, is a big factor why he’s strong in the current meta.

“It’s important to harass Bruno in the laning phase whenever he doesn’t have any stacks,” he stated.

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His passive allows him to gain critical chance with each attack, stacking up to 10 times. This makes it hard to deal with him at full stacks.

Building the right items is important

The most effective way to counter Bruno is by building the right items.

“In the early game, prioritize building Steel Legplates and later on, go for Wind of Nature,” recommends OHEB.

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Steel Legplates, a tier-two item, offers a cost-effective flat defense boost, making it crucial during the laning phase due to its affordability and significant physical defense.

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In the late game, Wind of Nature is essential. Its active skill blocks all physical damage for a brief duration — the best choice when facing a fully-equipped Bruno.

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