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At the center of the popular macro-oriented playstyle in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are the tank junglers — robust heroes who are focused more on providing utility and objective control rather than damage.

Their high durability enables them to stay in fights longer, disrupt enemy formations, and lead a solid frontline to protect their teammates. Moreover, their crowd control abilities are crucial in initiating team fights and securing objectives.

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Even with the constant shift in the meta, these heroes continue to be effective in this role both in pro play and in pub games. Then again, tank junglers can only be effective if you know which equipment to build for them.

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In fact, certain items are necessary — almost mandatory — if you want to make an impact playing these kind of heroes in this role.

3 essential items for tank junglers in Mobile Legends

Cursed Helmet

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang defensive item Cursed Helmet
Credit: ONE Esports

Among the items that you can purchase when playing as a tank jungler, the Cursed Helmet stands out as particularly the most beneficial. This item provides additional HP and Magic Resistance, enhancing your survivability, especially against magic damage dealers.

But what makes the item beneficial is its unique passive ability, Burning Soul. This ability deals a certain percentage of your max HP as magic damage per second to surrounding enemies.

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Since you will find yourself frequently roaming the jungle or on the frontline in team fights, the unique passive ensures you can clear camps fast and contribute consistent damage during skirmishes.

This item should be your priority in your build route. At the very least, make sure to get Molten Essence (a prerequisite to the Cursed Helmet) to ramp up your jungle clear, since it also packs the Burning Soul passive.

Guardian’s Helmet

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang defensive item Guardian's Helmet

While other items might offer similar HP boosts or defensive stats, none provide the consistent health regeneration that this item does.

The item’s unique passive ability, Recovery, allows you to regenerate a certain percentage of your total HP every second after not taking damage for five seconds. This makes the Guardian’s Helmet an excellent item for sustaining in the jungle and maintaining a presence on the battlefield.

After a skirmish, this equipment allows you to retreat into the jungle, proc your passive to restore your health, and continue farming. Ultimately, this maximizes your uptime and efficiency on the map.

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During the mid-game, when team fights become more frequent and objectives like the Turtle or Lord become highly contested, the Guardian’s Helmet allows you to stay healthy between encounters. You can engage in a fight, retreat to recover, and then return to the fray to contest again.

The equipment also goes well with the Cursed Helmet, since you’ll have higher total HP to work with, thereby increasing your magic damage per second from the Burning Soul ability.


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You cannot play as a tank jungler without considering getting Immortality.

The defensive item not only packs additional HP and Physical Defense to your hero but also has a unique passive ability called Immortal.

This ability automatically revives your hero upon death, restoring a percentage of your HP and surrounding you with a shield that can absorb damage. This revival can dramatically turn the tide of team fights and offers you a second chance to fulfill your role in battle.

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As a frontline hero, you are often the first to charge into team fights and the first to take hits. Having Immortality allows you to be more aggressive and make riskier plays, knowing you have a safety net if things go south. It’s especially useful in late-game scenarios where respawn timers are long, and every second counts.

Moreover, the momentary invulnerability after revival can buy time for the rest of your team to come to the rescue or retreat, depending on the situation. Plus, the physical defense provided by the item is beneficial against physical damage-heavy lineups.

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