Deus Vult’s Mathaios “Kid Bomba” Chatzilakos entered the M5 World Championship as a relatively unknown player.

It’s his first time competing in the M-Series, facing off against some of the toughest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams around the world.

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During the tournament, he pulled off highlight plays in the EXP lane and displayed a loveable personality on screen during post-game interviews — which captured the attention of MLBB fans worldwide.

Now that his name is out there, he hopes that more people recognize him, not just for his in-game skills, but also for his advocacy.

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In an exclusive interview with ONE Esports, the Deus Vult EXP laner delves into his journey to stardom, putting the EECA region on the map, and outlining his aspirations for the future.

What Kid Bomba aims to achieve at the M5 World Championship

FlySolo with the management team and players of Deus Vult in M5
Credit: Moonton Games

He highlighted the lack of recognition the game receives where he’s based in Germany. Because of his location, he plays on the Eastern European server as there isn’t a dedicated server in his country.

Despite these challenges, he persevered, dedicating six years to the game until he finally secured his biggest opportunity with Deus Vult and qualified for the M5 World Championship.

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“I’m just really glad to be able to finally be here and show the world that I’ve got what it takes to be able to play in M5 and keep up with the best teams,” he said.

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While his primary goal is to win the championship, he also wants to pave the way for more opportunities in the region as the first German player in an M-series.

“I’ve heard regions complain about not getting recognition. But they’ve never experienced what it’s like to have absolutely none,” he stated.

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“For Carvi and me to take the risk, stepping into a different league, sacrificing four weeks of school just to be here and give our best to pursue our passion, says a lot about our commitment to MLBB.”

How Kid Bomba came up with his iconic in-game name

Deus Vult's Mathaios "Kid Bomba" Chatzilakos at the M5 World Championship fun fact
Credit: Moonton Games

According to him, the name originated from his friend Michael, who would yell “Bomba” whenever he showed him TikTok videos of League of Legends champion Gragas executing combos.

He mentioned that his friend also shouts “Kid Bomba” whenever they play ranked games, further endearing him to the name.

“I thought it was pretty funny, and I had different variations like Kid Bombastic and Bomba La Bomba.” he shared.

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As to his reaction to MLBB players changing and adding Bomba to their in-game names, he said that it’s an amazing feeling getting recognized.

“When I first had the name I thought to myself what would happen if other players had the Bomba name,” he said. “I encourage people to change their name, it’s amazing.”

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