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Akai is easily one of the most effective tank junglers in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

His Headbutt and Bodyslam combo allows him to clear jungle camps and move on to another very quickly, while his passive, Tai Chi, gives him a shield that gives him incredible uptime.

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But the most appealing among his abilities is his Heavy Spin ultimate. Essentially, this skill allows him not only to control fights around the objective, but it also makes him immune to crowd-control effects in the duration.

But like all heroes in the Land of Dawn, everyone has a weakness. Here are three heroes that can man up against Akai, the Panda Warrior, in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Three counters to Akai in Mobile Legends


Baxia is a tank hero who can hang with Akai in the jungle role. Aside from having one of the highest base defense stats in the game, he also has one of the best mobility skills in Baxia-Shield Unity.

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What makes him perfect against Akai is that Baxia is difficult to pin down.

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Once the Panda Warrior enters the fight with Headbutt and Heavy Spin, Baxia can activate Tortoise’s Puissance to increase his movement speed while also dealing damage and decreasing the movement speed of enemies caught in a poison trail he leaves behind.

When setting up team fights with Baxia, make sure to have at least one damage dealer following you around, as Baxia doesn’t have enough damage to kill another tank hero in a 1v1 fight.


Claude is one of the hardest marksman heroes to kill in the game because of his Battle Image Mirror skill, which allows him to quickly jump from one area to another twice, much like a Flicker battle spell but with a 10-second cooldown.

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Despite having a slow jungle clear speed in the early game, he can easily deal with tanks once he completes Demon Hunter Sword, the most important item any Claude player should have.

If you are up against Akai, get the Purify battle spell in case he catches you with Heavy Spin.

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Once you activate Purify, get out of Heavy Spin’s range with Battle Image Mirror. The moment Akai stops spinning, activate Battle Mirror Image again to go back to your original position with your ultimate, Blazing Duet.


Mage hero Valir’s skill set is the perfect answer to Akai.

Since Akai only has one mobility skill, Valir can spam Burst Fireball to slow him down and deal constant damage. If the Panda Warrior gets too close in a fight, he can use Searing Torrent to knock him back.

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Valir’s ultimate, Vengeance Flame also acts like a Purify battle spell, as it removes all crowd control effects thrown at him.

This means that he can use his ultimate to get out of Heavy Spin without having to be too cautious about his positioning.

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