Looking for a robust Mobile Legends: Bang Bang EXP laner who can orchestrate team fights, dish out significant damage, and withstand enemy assaults? Look no further than Gatotkaca.

Even when equipped with defensive items, this hero remains a formidable force, capable of swiftly dispatching foes with just a few basic attacks, thanks to his passive ability, which bolsters his basic attacks with each blow he endures.

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Additionally, Gatotkaca boasts a taunting ability with Unbreakable, adding another layer of control to his arsenal.

Yet, the highlight of his kit is undoubtedly his ultimate, Avatar of the Guardian. With this ability, Gatotkaca leaps to a designated location, unleashing a devastating knock-up effect upon any enemies caught in the explosion radius.

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While Gatotkaca offers versatility, mastering him at higher ranks requires some dedication. Fortunately, ONE Esports has provided a comprehensive guide to aid you in mastering this Mighty Legend.

Gatotkaca skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Steel Bones

He gains rage when taking damage. Upon reaching a certain amount of rage, his next basic attack becomes enhanced and will consume all rage to deal extra damage.

  • His passive also grants him physical defense equal to a percentage of his lost HP, making him harder to kill in team fights as his health diminishes. Utilize this advantage by unleashing your skills when your health falls below a certain threshold.
  • The enhanced damage scales with magic damage, making magic damage items viable if your team already has a tank. Otherwise, it’s okay to build him with purely defensive items.
  • The indicator below his HP turns red when his basic attack is enhanced. Stick close to enemy carries to prevent their escape from the enhanced attacks.

First skill – Blast Iron First

He slams the ground, creating a shattered zone in the target direction while dealing damage to enemies within, Enemies in the shattered zone will take continuous damage and be slowed.

  • This skill is important during the laning phase, particularly for clearing minion waves or cutting lanes.
  • When cutting lanes, gather the wave around you and utilize Blast Iron Fist to inflict sustained damage. Allow the minions to strike you, triggering your Steel Bones passive. This passive can then be employed to counter any attempts by the enemy laner to contest your position.
  • This skill is also helpful when slowing down enemy heroes trying to escape. This has a faster casting time compared to Unbreakable, which needs to be channeled.

Second skill – Unbreakable

Gatotkaca begins channeling, then dashes in the target direction, taunting enemies along the way for a few seconds.

  • The sprint distance of this skill is determined by its channeling duration. For maximum distance, it’s advisable to fully channel the skill.
  • Additionally, Gatotkaca can utilize this skill as a potent escape tool, capable of leaping over thin walls. To execute a swift wall jump, simply press the button instead of channeling it, as this provides sufficient momentum to clear obstacles.
  • This skill proves particularly effective against heroes reliant on basic attacks, owing to its taunting effect. Enhance its utility by incorporating Blade Armor into your build, allowing you to reflect a portion of the damage inflicted upon you.
  • Keep an eye on the recharge bar displayed in the middle of the screen, indicating the progress of this skill’s cooldown. Upon depletion of the red bar, the skill will be canceled, refunding 50% of its cooldown duration.

Ultimate – Avatar of the Guardian

He jumps to the target location, dealing damage to nearby enemies and knocking them airborne.

  • Enemies positioned within the center of the skill’s radius will be lifted into the air, while those on the periphery will be drawn closer to Gatotkaca.
  • This skill synergizes exceptionally well with other crowd control abilities that draw enemies toward the center, such as Tigreal’s and Atlas’s skills. By coordinating with these heroes, you can ensure that all enemies are gathered in the center, maximizing the effectiveness of Gatotkaca’s airborne knock-up effect.
  • Additionally, this skill serves as an excellent tool for scouting the map, as it enhances Gatotkaca’s vision while aiming. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t reveal units in the fog of war. Nevertheless, this increased sight radius facilitates precise skill targeting even at considerable distances.
  • Furthermore, Gatotkaca can employ this skill to escape from losing team fights. Thanks to its control immunity and Gatotkaca’s untargetable status during the descending animation, he can effectively evade enemy attacks and disengage from unfavorable team fights

A comprehensive guide on how to play Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Vengeance, the recommended battle spell for Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

Whether you opt to play Gatotkaca as a roamer or an EXP laner, Vengeance stands out as the optimal battle spell for him. This spell offers valuable damage reduction, while also reflecting a portion of the damage back to the assailants.

The synergy between Vengeance, Blade Armor, and Gatotkaca’s second skill, Unbreakable, is particularly noteworthy. Unbreakable taunts enemies into targeting Gatotkaca, making them more likely to suffer retaliatory damage from Vengeance and Blade Armor.

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This combination effectively reinforces Gatotkaca’s role as a durable frontline presence capable of turning the tide of battles in his team’s favor.

Recommended emblem and talents

Recommended emblem and talents for Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Credit: ONE Esports

When selecting Gatotkaca’s emblem, consider either the mage emblem or the tank emblem based on your team composition.

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Opt for the mage emblem when playing as the EXP laner to bolster the damage output of all his skills. Alternatively, choose the tank emblem if your team lacks a sturdy frontline presence.

As for talents, Tenacity is a solid choice, providing increased defensive stats when Gatotkaca’s HP is low. This enhances his survivability in critical moments, allowing him to withstand sustained enemy pressure.

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Alternatively, Concussive Blast offers additional burst damage with each skill cast, aiding Gatotkaca in securing kills during team fights and skirmishes.

Best build for Gatotkaca

Best build for Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends
Credit: ONE Esports

Building Gatotkaca with primarily defensive items is recommended, with the addition of one or two magic items if you find yourself significantly ahead in the game.

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A typical build starts with Dominance Ice as the first item, followed by Antique Cuirass and either Blade Armor or Radiant Armor, depending on the enemy team composition.

To further enhance his defensive capabilities, consider adding Athena’s Shield to the build. Finally, incorporate Divine Glaive to amplify Gatotkaca’s magic damage output.

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Alternatively, items like Concentrated Energy or Blood Wings can also be considered for additional magical prowess.

However, if the game remains closely contested or your team lacks sufficient frontliners, prioritizing purely defensive items is advisable. This ensures Gatotkaca’s resilience in team fights and strengthens your team’s overall durability on the battlefield.

Best build for Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • Dominance Ice
  • Radiant Armor
  • Blade Armor
  • Divine Glaive
  • Immortality

Easy combos to learn

During the laning phase, utilize Blast Iron Fist to swiftly clear minion waves. Should an enemy hero approach within range of your turret, use Unbreakable to taunt them and redirect tower aggro towards them.

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Upon reaching level four, consider rotating to the midlane or Turtle pit to initiate team fights with Avatar of the Guardian.

Following the ultimate’s activation, target the enemy carry with Unbreakable to disrupt their positioning, allowing your Steel Bones passive to inflict substantial damage.

Prioritize the use of your ultimate in team fights and coordinate closely with your teammates to synchronize its activation with their own skills. This collaborative approach maximizes the impact of Gatotkaca’s abilities and ensures a cohesive team effort in securing victory.

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