Passionate and fueled by rage, Minotaur embarks on the path to restoring his homeland, Minoa to its former glory.

He is a tank hero who packs tons of durability, soaking damage for his team, making him a solid frontline hero. But the Son of Minos is more than just a meat shield. He also provides incredible utility, equipped with crowd-control skills and healing abilities that can shape the outcome of team fights.

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Furthermore, he has a unique mechanic that allows him to switch to an Enraged State, where he gains enhanced crowd-control skills.

Master playing the Son of Minos through this comprehensive ONE Esports guide which includes recommended emblems, battle spells, best build, and skill combos.

Minotaur’s skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Rage Incarnate

When Minotaur applies a control effect to an enemy hero with a skill, he will reduce their Hybrid Defense to a certain amount for a couple of seconds.

When Minotaur heals an ally hero with a skill, he will also increase their Hybrid Defense to a certain number for a couple of seconds. These effects are doubled when he enters his Enraged State.

  • This passive ability makes him an incredible utility tank support as it offers a buff to his teammates and a debuff to enemies.
  • This skill is among the very few abilities in the game that affect a unique stat called Hybrid Defense which refers to a combination of Physical and Magical Defense.

First skill – Despair Stomp

Minotaur jumps to a target location dealing Physical Damage to enemies in the area and briefly knocking them airborne.

Enemies hit will be slowed by a percentage while enhancing his Basic Attacks to deal Physical Damage based on a percentage of his Total HP for a couple of seconds.

Enraged: Increases the AOE range and the Physical Damage dealt by a percentage of his total HP.

  • Use this to initiate team fights or back away from the enemy.
  • When invading the jungle camps, use this to disrupt the enemy jungle by timing your jump when the creep is about to die. You would either be successful in stealing the buff or force them to use their Retribution battle spell prematurely.
  • Make use of the bush before jumping into the thick of fights.

Second skill – Motivation Roar

Minotaur motivates himself and nearby allies, restoring HP based on his Magic Power for his allies, and healing himself based on a percentage of his lost HP.

Enraged: Minotaur gains Enraged Regeneration for a couple of seconds, during which he restores HP each time he’s hit by a Basic Attack.

  • This ability increases your and your allies’ uptime tremendously. Prioritize maxing out this skill.
  • Focus on building durability and magic items for maximum healing.
  • When in the Enraged State, don’t shy away from being in the middle of fights. Your survivability is out of this world with frequent activations of this skill.

Ultimate – Minoan Fury

Minotaur enters Enraged State and smashes the ground several times.

The first hits deal Physical Damage to nearby enemies and inflict slow effects on them while the final hit deals True Damage while knocking them airborne.

Minotaur is immune to control effects during this attack. The Enraged state enhances his skills and lasts for several seconds.

  • This incredible crowd-control ability can shift the outcome of team fights, so making landing it is crucial.
  • Since this is a channeling skill, use the bushes to charge it or time it with the Flicker Battle Spell.
  • Other than crowd-control, you’ll automatically be in Enraged State. Continually use your enhanced skills to bully enemy damage dealers.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Minotaur in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spell

Credit: ONE Esports

Flicker is the best battle spell option for the tank hero. You can use this to set up both the Despair Stomp and Minoan Fury to prevent enemies from dodging it. You can also utilize the spell to back away from sticky situations.

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If you’re looking to be more of a healer than a setup tank, a good battle spell choice is Revitalize. This adds another healing spell in your arsenal, which increases your squad’s uptime.

Recommended emblem

Credit: ONE Esports

For Minotaur’s emblem, the best setup improves his utility and mobility. This is why Agility is such a good choice as the first tier talent for the hero. The percent extra movement speed is essential as you roam and help out your jungler and laners.

Take Pull Yourself Together as your second-tier talent. Whether you choose Flicker or Revitalize as your battle spell, the percentage cooldown reduction ensures that you have more chances to impact fights.

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For your main talent, pick Brave Smite. This works synergistically with your first skill and ultimate. Each time you inflict skill-based damage to the enemy, you’ll gain a percentage of your maximum HP which ensures that you have more uptime.

Minotaur best build

Credit: ONE Esports

Since you’ll spend most of your time in the frontline in team fights, your item build should be focused on durability and a degree of utility. After boots, get Dominance Ice as early as you can to improve your Physical Defense and a little bit of your mobility.

You’ll also benefit from the item’s unique passives, namely Lifebane, which reduces the enemy’s HP regen, and Arctic Cold, which reduces nearby enemy’s Attack Speed.

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Build Flask of the Oasis as your second item. Outside of the additional Magic Power and HP, and cooldown reduction, the item’s passive, Blessing, improves the effects of Motivation Roar tremendously.

Continue building defensive items thereafter. Take Athena’s Shield of Radiant Armor to boost your Magic Defense, and Antique Cuirass for more Physical Armor. Make sure to get Immortality as well for some late game insurance.

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The best build for Minotaur in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • Dominance Ice
  • Flask of the oasis
  • Athena’s Shield/ Radiant Armor
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Immortality

Easy combos to learn

In the early game, aim to get level four before as soon as the first Turtle appears. Position yourself near the enemy jungler. Before the Turtle’s HP bar reaches a fifth of its health, activate Minoan Fury to disrupt the enemy’s attempt to use the Retribution battle spell.

Continue doing this for all objective contests. Your eyes should always be focused on to the enemy jungler to continue impacting these engagements.

When engaging an enemy, use the bushes to approach and activate Despair Stomp. There are times when you’ll need to dive towers with your damage dealers in these attempts. Use your second skill frequently.

In team fights, your ultimate can be easily telegraphed by the enemy since this is a channeling ability. To make it hit, use this in conjunction with the Flicker battle spell.

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