With exceptional durability and utility, Hylos can be a pain to go against in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. But as formidable as he is, the Grand Warden can be bested if you know what heroes to use.

The tank excels in leading the charge against the enemy, with his Law and Order and Ring of Punishment abilities allowing him to deal damage and slow enemies around him. His ultimate, Glorious Pathway, is a great initiation and escape tool, granting allies a huge movement boost while inflicting slow effects on the enemy.

But what really makes Hylos an overwhelming presence in the game is his passive, Thickened Blood, which gives him extra HP for every extra mana point he has, adding to his already high base HP.

In spite of this, there are heroes in the game you can use to take down this robust half-human. These heroes possess skill kits able to foil his initiation and turn his durability— his greatest strength— into his biggest flaw.

Here are three heroes who have the tools to counter Hylos in MLBB


Karrie is revered for her exceptional attack speed, burst, and HP-based damage, characteristics that make her a potent counter to tank heroes like Hylos.

This is thanks to the marksman’s passive ‘Lightwheel Mark’ which allows her to deal True Damage based on a percentage of the target’s max HP. What this means is that the higher Hylos’ HP is, the more damage you can deal to him.

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In a head-to-head matchup, you have a clear advantage over the Grand Warden. While he can absorb a lot of damage and try to disrupt your movements, you can dodge his skills using Phantom Step and whittle down his large HP pool with the True Damage from your passive. Your ultimate also allows you to maintain a safe distance while continuously dealing damage.

During team fights, you should focus your attacks on Hylos to quickly take the tank out of the equation. By doing so, you can disrupt the enemy team’s formation and ability to contest in objective takes.

In terms of item build, prioritize getting Corrosion Scythe and Golden Staff to increase your attack speed. After that, get Demon Hunter Sword to deal even more HP-based damage.

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Valir can make Hylos’ life a nightmare on the battlefield.

The tank excels in moving forward and zoning the enemy, but the mage’s skill kit can render him virtually useless for his team. Burst Fireball can scorch him and stop him in his tracks, while Searing Torrent allows Valir to push him back if he gets near.

What’s even more terrifying for Hylos users is that Valir’s passive, Ashing, can quickly turn the tank’s high HP base into a great weakness.

The passive allows Valir to apply a stack of Ablaze to enemies hit with his skills, dealing magic damage equal to a percentage of their maximum HP per second for several seconds. After a certain number of stacks, the fire detonates, dealing magic damage equal to a percentage of the target’s max HP and stunning them for a second.

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All that said, you still need to be smart about your positioning and item build to fully negate the Grand Warden’s impact in the game.

Use your Burst Fireball to control the Grand Warden and keep him at bay. Make sure to cast your skills manually so you can hit him with multiple Burst Fireballs, activating your passive, stunning him, and dealing HP-based damage.

If he manages to get near and control you, activate your Vengeance Flame to dispel the debuff then use your Searing Torrent to push him back. Continue throwing Burst Fireballs for the slow and stun effects.

In terms of item build, make sure to get Ice Queen Wand to add for the slow effects and Magic Power boost, and Glowing Wand for the Scorch effect. You can consider getting Divine Glaive to round out your magic items for the added penetration.


If you’re looking for a fighter who can man up against Hylos in a one v.s. one situation, Alpha is the hero for you.

Alpha’s abilities allow him to deal significant damage and control Hylos. His passive, Beta, Advance!, marks Hylos with Beta, dealing true damage and slowing him down. After Alpha deals damage to the tank, Beta will fire a laser at him, dealing true damage and briefly applying a powerful slow.

To successfully foil the tank’s initiations, focus on utilizing Alpha’s true damage and crowd control abilities. Use Rotary Impact and Force Swing to deal damage and heal, and save Spear of Alpha for when Hylos initiates with Glorious Pathway to disrupt him and stun nearby enemies.

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Make sure to land his ultimate so that he and his teammates are moved out of the Glorious Pathway zone so they will not benefit from the movement speed boost.

In terms of item build, go for War Axe and Bloodlust Axe for sustainable damage. If you want to focus on solely breaking the tank down, you can opt for Sea Haldberg to reduce his regeneration abilities.

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