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Landing a well-timed Flicker ultimate combo is not only one of the most exhilarating things you can execute in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, but it is also one of the most effective tools to shift the outcome of the battle in your favor.

Abilities that are easily telegraphed by the enemy can become unpredictable thanks to the teleportation spell, which allows your hero to move a short distance towards your aim direction instantly.

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While several hero abilities can work well with the spell, there are select ones that are explosive when executed with Flicker.

Here are five of the most devastating Flicker ultimate compos you can pull off in the Land of Dawn.

Most devastating Flicker ultimate combos in Mobile Legends

Chou — The Way of Dragon

Chou’s The Way of Dragon is one of the most suave ultimate when combined with the Flicker battle spell.

The Kung Fu Boy’s special ability allows him to knock an enemy back a considerable distance. By combining this with Flicker, Chou can surprise enemies by quickly closing the gap and knocking key targets into his team for an easy kill.

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This Flicker ultimate combo requires precise timing to ensure the enemy will get hit. When playing Chou, use your Jeet-Kune-Do and Shunpo abilities respectively to approach your target and knock him airborne before activating your ultimate.

Quickly tap on Flicker in your desired direction, and witness the explosive action happen before your eyes.

Ruby I’m Offended!

Ruby has a unique set of skills that allow her to control crowds and deal significant damage. Her ultimate skill, “I’m Offended”, drags enemies towards her and deals damage, and using Flicker allows the fighter to extend its reach and pull them back farther.

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When executed correctly, the sequence can be lethal and astonishing simultaneously.

Of course, like any other Flicker ultimate combos, this will require great timing. To land this, use the bushes to approach your targets to add an element of surprise. It’s best to use this when the enemy team is gathering in one area so you can pull multiple targets all at once.

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Manually cast I’m Offended! towards enemy heroes, and as the hook animation appears, quickly tap on Flicker to drag them back to a location where your damage dealers are ready to pounce on the targets.

Lolita Noumenon Blast

The wide range of Lolita’s ultimate, Noumenon Blast, allows her to control large areas of the battlefield, making it a perfect ability to use in team fights and defend objectives. Nonetheless, the few seconds of delay when channeling the skill gives enemies time to escape or interrupt it.

This is when the Flicker battle spell can come into play, allowing her to close the gap even when the enemy is trying to flee. When she’s able to land the skill, it creates a beautiful display of destruction that will leave even the enemy team in awe.

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To do this, start by charging Lolita’s ultimate skill. Remember that the longer it charges, the higher the damage you unleash, and the longer you’ll be able to stun your targets.

Just before the ultimate is fully charged, use Flicker to teleport into the enemy group. Make sure to aim it directly where the enemies are, then immediately release the ultimate. This Flicker ultimate action will stun and deal damage to all enemies within the blast radius.

Grock Wild Charge

Grock’s ultimate ability, Wild Charge, enables him to charge forward, dealing significant damage and knocking back enemies. It’s a good crowd control and damage spell which makes him effective in multiple roles.

However, the skill can be easily telegraphed since the enemy will be expecting you to be near walls or turrets to maximize the ability’s impact. This is when pulling off his Flicker ultimate combo is most beneficial.

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By quickly teleporting to the area where your targets are at and activating Wild Charge, your targets will have no chance to respond to being damaged or knocked airborne, opening the chance for your damage dealers to pounce on them.

This Flicker ultimate sequence is straightforward to do. Just use the battle spell in the area where the enemy team is, preferably close to a wall or turret. After that, cast your ultimate so that you will hit your targets and a wall or turret for the added stun effect.

Terizla Penalty Zone

Terizla’s ultimate, Penalty Zone, is an explosive ability that makes him jump to a designated area to smash down targets and deal devastating physical damage and slow effects.

But if you’ve played the Fighter before or have played against it, you’ll know that this skill is predictable because the hero has very low mobility, not to mention the very short casting range of the ultimate.

This is also the reason why the Flicker battle spell can be a game-changer for Terizla as you can close the distance faster and further your cast range.

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To execute his Flicker ultimate combo, activate your ultimate in the direction where your targets are, then quickly tap on the battle spell to teleport towards them. When executed correctly, you’ll be able to explode onto the battlefield and set your team up for a successful fight.

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