Ruby has always been a solid choice for EXP laners or roamers in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, both in professional and ranked games.

While the fighter-tank hero lacks damage, she makes up for it with her troublesome skill set of low-cooldown crowd controls along with a tremendous lifesteal from her Let’s Dance! passive. These enable her to thrive in longer team fights.

Be good! slows enemies while Don’t run, Wolf King! stuns and interrupts skill cast animations, effectively stopping combos. She can also pull multiple targets toward her with the I’m offended! ultimate and pair it with Flicker to deliver them to allies.

If you’re looking to spoil the Little Red Riding Hood’s dancing, here are three heroes who do just that.

3 heroes who counter Ruby in Mobile Legends


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Kaja Skyblocker skin wallpaper
Credit: Moonton

Kaja can literally stop Ruby from dancing by shackling her with the Divine Judgment ultimate.

You can use it to initiate or counter-initiate. Make sure to communicate with your teammates so they can provide the burst damage while you hold her down. Always cast Ring of Order and Lightning Bomb in her path to slow her with the Wrath Sanction passive.

If you’re playing as a side laner and going for the magic build route, purchase Necklace of Durance. If you’re a roamer, buy Dominance Ice instead.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Infernal Blaze Valir
Credit: Moonton

Valir is a headache for Ruby due to his spells with knockback, slow, and stun effects, plus an ultimate that not only enhances his abilities but also removes debuffs and grants extra movement speed.

If she manages to get near you, push her away with the Searing Torrent then continuously hit her with the Burst Fireball to activate the additional damage and stun from Ashing. Be quick to cast Vengeance Flame when she uses I’m offended! so you won’t get pulled in.

After buying Boots and Ice Queen Wand, build Necklace of Durance to reduce her lifesteal capability.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Horror Bringer Phoveus
Credit: Moonton

The nightmare of every hero with multiple blinks or dashes, Phoveus can punish Ruby heavily.

Ruby easily triggers Phoveus’ Demonic Force ultimate. Cast it whenever she dashes and use Malefic Terror in between jumps to earn shield and additional movement speed. If she refuses to utilize her dash, force her to move with the Astaros Eye or Flameshot.

Get Necklace of Durance if you’re going for damage or opt for Dominance Ice if you need to tank damage for your team.

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